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From "Wang, Yongkun | Yongkun | DU" <yongkun.w...@mail.rakuten.com>
Subject Multi hop data flow with end-to-end(E2E) sink
Date Wed, 29 Jun 2011 08:25:03 GMT

I am testing using multi-tier flume nodes with multi hops (more than 3 hops). 

The simplest case is described as follow:

agent1 -> collector1 -> collector2 -> hdfs

agent1 : tail("file") | agentE2ESink("collector1", 35854) ;
collector1 : collectorSouce(35854) | agentE2ESink("collector2", 35855) ;
collector2 : collectorSource(35855) | collectorSink("hdfs:///...", "test-") ;

The sink configuration of the bridge node "collector1" seems tricky. Maybe using agentE2ESink
is not correct, because collector2 crashed with an exception in my test. 

If I configured "collector1" with agentDFOSink, agentBESink, or rpcSink, the whole system
worked well. And I checked the log message on "collector2", it showed that collector2 was
working in end-to-end mode. It seems that the whole work flow will follow E2E mode as long
as the original agent is configured with E2E sink. The sink configuration of intermediate
node (collector1) doesn't have any influmence.

I would like to get your confirmation or explanation on this point. Thank you very much.

I got the following exception when collector1 was configured with agentE2ESink:

2011-06-28 21:12:54,004 [logicalNode collector1-47] ERROR connector.DirectDriver: Driving
src/sink failed! LazyOpenSource | LazyOpenDecorator because Event already had an event with
attribute AckType
java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Event already had an event with attribute AckType
        at com.cloudera.flume.handlers.thrift.ThriftEventAdaptor.set(ThriftEventAdaptor.java:184)
        at com.cloudera.flume.handlers.endtoend.AckChecksumInjector.append(AckChecksumInjector.java:139)
        at com.cloudera.flume.agent.durability.NaiveFileWALManager$1.append(NaiveFileWALManager.java:457)
        at com.cloudera.flume.handlers.rolling.RollSink.append(RollSink.java:174)
        at com.cloudera.flume.agent.durability.NaiveFileWALDeco.append(NaiveFileWALDeco.java:138)
        at com.cloudera.flume.agent.AgentSink.append(AgentSink.java:112)
        at com.cloudera.flume.core.EventSinkDecorator.append(EventSinkDecorator.java:60)
        at com.cloudera.flume.handlers.debug.LazyOpenDecorator.append(LazyOpenDecorator.java:75)
        at com.cloudera.flume.core.connector.DirectDriver$PumperThread.run(DirectDriver.java:93)

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