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From Apache Wiki <wikidi...@apache.org>
Subject [Jdo Wiki] Update of "TestRunner" by MichelleCaisse
Date Wed, 01 Jun 2005 20:14:54 GMT
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The following page has been changed by MichelleCaisse:

The comment on the change is:
Updates, still in progress

  == Custom Goals ==
- These are the custom goals that might typically be invoked from the command line:
+ These are the major custom goals of maven.xml:
+  *package
  == Configuration Files ==
@@ -53, +54 @@

            *jdo.tck.mapping - file designator that maven.xml uses to build a javax.jdo.option.Mapping
value and corresponding schema name
-         A list of one or more databases to run the TCK on.
+         A list of one or more databases to run the TCK on
-         A list of one or two identity types to run the TCK on.
+         A list of one or two identity types to run the TCK on
- == Command line options ==
+  *exclude.list
+         A list of tests NOT to run the TCK on
+ '''Questions:'''
+  1. Do we need to allow for separate database and identity lists for the iut and jdori?
+  1. Do we assume that in general the configurations files will not be changed and users
will override them with the command line options (below)?
+  1. Currently we have two properties in project.properties that can be used to specify the
implementation's support for application or datastore identity.  Should we use these instead
of the identity.list file, allowing override only on the command line?
+ == Command Line Options ==
-     -Dcfg=<configuration file>
+     -Dcfg=<configuration file list>
          Overrides test/conf/configuration.list by supplying one or more space-separated
test configuration files
      -Ddatabase=<database list>
          Overrides test/conf/db.list by supplying one or more space-separated database names
@@ -69, +78 @@

      -DinstallSchema=<true | false>
          Defaults to false.  Set to true to force schema installation before running tests.
- == build and rebuild goals ==
+ == build and rebuild Goals ==
  These goals do not recognize the command line options.  They do a full build and run the
TCK on the JDORI for all configurations, databases, and identity types listed in the configuration
files. [Is this a good idea?]
@@ -77, +86 @@

  Schema installation takes a significant amount of time and it is difficult to determine
if a schema is up-to-date.  By default, maven.xml installs the schema for all databases, identity
types, and mapping values set for the current invocation only during a full build (maven build
or rebuild goals).  The user may override this behavior by using the -DinstallSchema=true
option with the runtck.jdori or runtck.iut goals.
+ == Packaging ==
+ The files needed for test execution are packaged into four jar files:
+  *target/enhanced/jdori/applicationidentity.jar
+  *target/enhanced/jdori/datastoreidentity.jar
+  *target/enhanced/iut/applicationidentity.jar
+  *target/enhanced/iut/datastoreidentity.jar
+ Each of these jar files contains:
+  *enhanced test classes
+  *jdo metadata files
+  *orm metadata files
+  *xml test data files
+ There may be multiple orm and xml files for a single persistence capable (pc) class or package.
 These are distinguished by different mapping designators in their filenames.  For example,
a given test configuration may run a set of tests on databases derby and mysql with mapping
4.  The mapping metadata files are package-derby4.orm and package-mysql4.orm; the test data
files are package-derby4.xml and package-mysql4.xml. The orm, jdo, xml, and class files are
in the same package in the jar file.
  == Identity Type Support ==
- ...
+ (See question 3 in the Configuration Files section.)
  == Exclude List ==
- ...
+ The exclude list is passed to the java test runner.
  = Legacy Discussion =
- Below are the ideas we had before settling on the current solution.
+ Below are the ideas we discussed before settling on the current solution.
  == Role of build.xml ==

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