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Subject svn commit: r1834021 - in /comdev: feathercast/ feathercast/logos/ tools/
Date Thu, 21 Jun 2018 14:26:56 GMT
Author: rbowen
Date: Thu Jun 21 14:26:55 2018
New Revision: 1834021

Moved feathercast content from the old-and-crufty PRC directory. Added new logo files.

    comdev/feathercast/logos/feather_bw2.jpg   (with props)
    comdev/feathercast/logos/feather_col2.jpg   (with props)
    comdev/feathercast/logos/feathercast_new.svg   (with props)
    comdev/feathercast/logos/new_feather_v2.png   (with props)
    comdev/feathercast/logos/new_feather_v2.svg   (with props)

Added: comdev/feathercast/README
--- comdev/feathercast/README (added)
+++ comdev/feathercast/README Thu Jun 21 14:26:55 2018
@@ -0,0 +1,10 @@
+Feathercast started out as a project of Rich Bowen and David Reid to answer the question
"What the heck does that strangely-named project actually do", and the larger issue that the
vast majority of the tech world thinks that "Apache" == "httpd". We aim to do short (10-20
minute) podcasts that clearly answer the first question while educating the world as to the
+Feathercast is hosted on ASF hardware, but is not "official" in the sense that the PRC has
a vote in what gets said. But we do tend to be generally pro-ASF.
+Twitter: @feathercast

Added: comdev/feathercast/
--- comdev/feathercast/ (added)
+++ comdev/feathercast/ Thu Jun 21 14:26:55 2018
@@ -0,0 +1,76 @@
+ApacheCon is just a few weeks away, and I, for one, am really looking
+forward to it. I think it's going to be the best yet. I think that
+every time, and so far, I've been right.
+We've been doing ApacheCon for more than 15 years now, and it just
+keeps getting better.
+ApacheCon is the main community event of the Apache Software
+Foundation. Its primary goal is building community, both in size, and
+in strength. We build community strength by introducing projects to
+one another, and encouraging them to work together.
+Of course, that can be done online, and, indeed, most of what we do at
+the ASF is done online - on mailing lists, IRC, and in the code
+repositories themselves. But there's something about getting
+communities together, physically, that can't be replicated online.
+Leading up to ApacheCon, I've been doing a number of FeatherCast
+interviews with people who will be speaking at the upcoming event.
+They've talked about their own talks, as well as the other related
+talks that you might want to also see. Some of these are published
+already, and others will be coming soon.
+Here's an overview of what you can already find on, as
+well as what'll be showing up in the next few days.
+We started with a brief overview of why you should come to ApacheCon
+To summarize: Because it's going to be awesome.
+Next, Shawn McKinney did two interviews. First, he
+talked about his presentation on OpenLDAP,
+and then he talked about his presentation on Apache Fortress.
+Andrus Adamchik will be presenting on Bootique, which, while it's not
+an Apache project, works with a number of ASF communities. That
+interview is at
+Anatole Tresch will be speaking about Apache Tamaya, an incubating
+project, which is a configuration solution for Java SE. That
+interview is at
+I have a number of interviews that I'm still editing, but which may
+already be published by the time you read this:
+Sunil Shah will be speaking about Mesos:
+Aldrin Piri will be presenting a half-day training class on Apache
+Roman Shaposhnik will be giving several talks. He'll be speaking at
+the Big Data portion of the event about ODPi ( and
+ and he'll be presenting about the Incubator
+( At the end of Thursday, he'll be running the
+Shark Tank, where Incubator podlings come to improve their chances of
+success. (
+George Percivall will be speaking about Open Geospatial Standards
+( but spent most of his interview talking about
+the 2-day Geospatial track, which is definitely one of the highlights
+of this event. You can see all the talks in the Geospatial track at
+But there's more to come. I have interviews scheduled with eleven more
+speakers - so I should just be able to fit them all in before
+ApacheCon. Check back at every day between now and
+ApacheCon for a new episode. Or, subscribe to the podcast at
+ so you won't miss an episode.
+ApacheCon is less than a month away. Register today at

Added: comdev/feathercast/episodes.txt
--- comdev/feathercast/episodes.txt (added)
+++ comdev/feathercast/episodes.txt Thu Jun 21 14:26:55 2018
@@ -0,0 +1,77 @@
+Feathercast Episodes
+Date        Topics                  Episode 
+28-May-06   ApacheCon Dublin        1   Noirin Plunkett
+06-Jun-06   Harmony                 2   Geir Magnussun
+13-Jun-06   ASF Elections           3   Ben Laurie
+29-Jun-06   ApacheCon Asia          4   Sanjiva Weerawarana
+10-Jul-06   ASF                     5   Sander Striker
+24-Jul-06   ASF Membership          6   Rich Bowen
+07-Aug-06   ASF President           7   Greg Stein
+14-Aug-06   Lightning talks         8   
+25-Aug-06   ApacheCon Asia          9   
+05-Sep-06   ApacheCon Austin        10  Jeff Loukas
+18-Sep-06   Axis2                   11  Rajith Attapattu
+25-Sep-06   Ken Coar's Belt         12  Ken Coar
+02-Oct-06   Dealing with the Press  13  Sally Khudairi
+10-Oct-06   ApacheCon Austin        14  
+10-Oct-06   Derby, ApacheDB, Cayenne15  Jean Anderson
+11-Oct-06   Directory, Fundraising  16  Alex Karasuly, Jim Jagielski, Justin Erencrantz
+12-Oct-06   Struts, BSF, Jackrabbit 17  
+13-Oct-06   Subversion, ApacheCon   18  Garret Rooney, Ken Coar
+30-Oct-06   Ode                     19  
+19-Nov-06   Lightning Talks         20  Danese Cooper, Gianugo Rabellino
+27-Nov-06   CXF, Incubator          21  Dan Diephouse
+06-Dec-06   OFBiz                   22  Si Chen, David Jones
+04-Jan-07   Year in review          23  
+06-Feb-07   Spamassassin, James     24  Danny Angus
+16-Feb-07   Jakarta, Struts, ASF    25  Henri Yandell
+20-Mar-07   GSOC                    26  Brian Fitzpatrick, Ross Gardler, Max Pfingsthorn
+02-Apr-07   ActiveMQ, Incubator     27  James Strachan
+18-Apr-07   Harmony, Sun letter     28  Geir Magnusson
+19-Apr-07   ApacheCon Amsterdam     29  Arje Cahn
+04-May-07   ApacheCon EU, ApacheCon Asia    30  J. Aaron Farr
+23-May-07   Felix                   31  Richard Hall
+02-Jul-07   Aaron Farr              32  Aaron Farr
+27-Jul-07   Members                 33  Emmanuel Lecharney, Andrew Savory, Matt Hogstrom
+08-Aug-07   ApacheCon US 07         34  Sally Khudairi
+15-Aug-07   XAP, Lokahi, Tuscany    35  
+22-Aug-07   Lightning talks         36  
+07-Nov-07   ApacheCon Atlanta       37  Bill Sigglekaw
+13-Nov-07   ApacheCon Atlanta       38  Charel Morris
+13-Nov-07   Key signing, Sponsors   39  Sander Temme
+14-Nov-07   Sponsors                40  
+15-Nov-07   Sling, Covalent         41  Doc Searls
+16-Nov-07   ApacheCon summary       42  
+22-Feb-08   Lucene                  43  Grant Ingersoll
+11-Mar-08   Mina                    44
+17-Mar-08   Lightning Talks         45
+31-Mar-08   Tomcat                  46
+06-Nov-08   HTTPD 3.0               47  Paul Querna
+07-Nov-08   Um ...                      Lightning talk
+14-Nov-08   David Recordon          48  David Recordon
+19-Nov-08   Stonehenge              49  Paul Freemantle
+29-Nov-08   Sling                   50
+21-Dec-08   Fuse                    51
+01-Jan-09   ServiceMix              52
+07-Jan-09   HotWax Media            53
+28-Jan-09   WSO2                    54
+09-Feb-09   CouchDB (AC EU)         55
+12-Feb-09   Hadoop (AC EU)          56
+23-Feb-09   Struts (AC EU)          57
+24-Mar-09   ASF Founders            58  Brian Behlendorf
+24-Mar-09   ASF Founders            59  Brian Behlendorf
+29-May-09   Incubator (Habari)      60
+25-Jun-09   ASF Founders            61  Randy Terbush
+24-Sep-09   Hadoop                  62  Aaron Kinball
+30-Sep-09   Maven                   63  Brett Porter
+05-Oct-09   Web Application Security 64 Christian Wenz
+06-Oct-09   Tomcat                  65  Filip Hanik
+08-Dec-09   Pivot                   67  Greg Brown
+11-Aug-10   Mahout                  68  Sean Owen
+16-Aug-10   Tika                    69  Chris Mattmann
+23-Aug-10   Subversion              70  Hyrum Wright
+13-Oct-10   Apachecon/httpd         71  Sander Temme
+26-Oct-10   OSGI                    72  Marcel Offermans
+29-Oct-10   Fast Feather            73  Nick Burch

Added: comdev/feathercast/logos/feather_bw2.jpg
Binary file - no diff available.

Propchange: comdev/feathercast/logos/feather_bw2.jpg
    svn:mime-type = image/jpeg

Added: comdev/feathercast/logos/feather_col2.jpg
Binary file - no diff available.

Propchange: comdev/feathercast/logos/feather_col2.jpg
    svn:mime-type = image/jpeg

Added: comdev/feathercast/logos/feathercast_new.svg
Binary file - no diff available.

Propchange: comdev/feathercast/logos/feathercast_new.svg
    svn:mime-type = image/svg+xml

Added: comdev/feathercast/logos/new_feather_v2.png
Binary file - no diff available.

Propchange: comdev/feathercast/logos/new_feather_v2.png
    svn:mime-type = image/png

Added: comdev/feathercast/logos/new_feather_v2.svg
Binary file - no diff available.

Propchange: comdev/feathercast/logos/new_feather_v2.svg
    svn:mime-type = image/svg+xml

Added: comdev/feathercast/projects.txt
--- comdev/feathercast/projects.txt (added)
+++ comdev/feathercast/projects.txt Thu Jun 21 14:26:55 2018
@@ -0,0 +1,340 @@
+ASF projects:
+Project             Episode
+.NET Ant Library
+ActiveMQ -
+Airflow (Incubating)
+Apex (Incubating)
+AsterixDB (Incubating)
+Atlas (Incubating)
+Axis2 -
+BatchEE (Incubating)
+Beam (Incubating)
+Beehive (in the Attic)
+Blur (Incubating)
+Cayenne -
+Click (in the Attic)
+Climate Model Diagnostic Analyzer (Incubating)
+Commons BCEL
+Commons BeanUtils
+Commons BSF
+Commons Chain
+Commons CLI
+Commons Codec
+Commons Collections
+Commons Compress
+Commons Configuration
+Commons Daemon
+Commons DBCP
+Commons DbUtils
+Commons Digester
+Commons Discovery
+Commons EL
+Commons Email
+Commons Exec
+Commons FileUpload
+Commons Functor
+Commons HttpClient
+Commons IO
+Commons JCI
+Commons JCS
+Commons Jelly
+Commons JEXL
+Commons JXPath
+Commons Lang
+Commons Launcher
+Commons Logging
+Commons Math
+Commons Modeler
+Commons Net
+Commons OGNL
+Commons Pool
+Commons Primitives
+Commons Proxy
+Commons SCXML
+Commons Validator
+Commons VFS
+Commons Weaver
+CommonsRDF (Incubating)
+Community Development
+Compress Ant Library
+Concerted (Incubating)
+CXF -
+DataFu (Incubating)
+Deltacloud (in the Attic)
+Derby -
+DirectMemory (in the Attic)
+Directory -
+Eagle (Incubating)
+ECS (in the Attic)
+ESME (in the Attic)
+Excalibur (in the Attic)
+Felix -
+Fineract (Incubating)
+FreeMarker (Incubating)
+Gearpump (Incubating)
+Geode (Incubating)
+Guacamole (Incubating)
+Harmony (in the Attic) -
+HAWQ (Incubating)
+Hivemind (in the Attic)
+HORN (Incubating)
+HTrace (Incubating)
+HTTP Server
+HttpComponents Client
+HttpComponents Core
+Impala (Incubating)
+iota (Incubating)
+Jackrabbit -
+Jakarta -
+Jakarta Cactus (in the Attic)
+Johnzon (Incubating)
+Joshua (Incubating)
+Kudu (Incubating)
+Lenya (in the Attic)
+log4cxx2 (Incubating)
+Lokahi - incubating, retired -
+Lucene Core - ,
+MADlib (Incubating)
+Mahout -
+Metron (Incubating)
+Milagro (Incubating)
+Mnemonic (Incubating)
+MRQL (Incubating)
+Mynewt (Incubating)
+Myriad (Incubating)
+ODE -
+ODF Toolkit (Incubating)
+OFBiz -
+Oltu - Parent
+Omid (Incubating)
+Open Climate Workbench
+OpenAz (Incubating)
+ORO (in the Attic)
+Portable Runtime
+Props Ant Library
+Quarks (Incubating)
+Quickstep (Incubating)
+Ranger (Incubating)
+Regexp (in the Attic)
+Reusable Dialog Components (RDC) Taglib
+Rya (Incubating)
+S2Graph (Incubating)
+SAMOA (Incubating)
+Shale (in the Attic)
+Shindig (in the Attic)
+Singa (Incubating)
+Sirona (Incubating)
+Slider (Incubating)
+Sling -
+Spatial Information System
+Streams (Incubating)
+Struts -
+Subversion -,
+SystemML (Incubating)
+Tamaya (Incubating)
+Taverna (Incubating)
+Taverna (Incubating)
+Tephra (Incubating)
+Tika -
+TinkerPop (Incubating)
+Toree (Incubating)
+Traffic Server
+Trafodion (Incubating)
+Tuscany -
+Twill (Incubating)
+Unomi (Incubating)
+Velocity DVSL
+Velocity Tools
+VSS Ant Library
+Wave (Incubating)
+Whirr (in the Attic)
+Wookie (in the Attic)
+Xalan for C++ XSLT Processor
+Xalan for Java XSLT Processor
+XAP - Incubating, retired -
+Xerces for C++ XML Parser
+Xerces for Java XML Parser
+Xerces for Perl XML Parser
+Xindice (in the Attic)
+XML Commons External
+XML Commons Resolver
+XML Graphics Commons
+XMLBeans (in the Attic)
+Zeppelin (Incubating)

Modified: comdev/tools/
--- comdev/tools/ (original)
+++ comdev/tools/ Thu Jun 21 14:26:55 2018
@@ -34,6 +34,7 @@ my $where = '
 # Fetch the json
 my $ua = LWP::UserAgent->new(timeout=>5, agent=>"Twitter4Ponies/0.1 ");
 my $res = $ua->request(HTTP::Request->new(GET => $where)); 
+# print $res->content;
 my $projects = parse_json( $res->content );

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