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Subject svn commit: r894126 - in /comdev/nearby_people: readme.txt
Date Mon, 28 Dec 2009 02:18:12 GMT
Author: rgardler
Date: Mon Dec 28 02:18:11 2009
New Revision: 894126

Add a readme and make example settings work with a fresh checkout.


Modified: comdev/nearby_people/
--- comdev/nearby_people/ (original)
+++ comdev/nearby_people/ Mon Dec 28 02:18:11 2009
@@ -5,8 +5,8 @@
 BASE_PATH = os.path.realpath(os.path.dirname(__file__))
 # FOAF/DOAP settings
-COMDEV_DOAP = os.path.join(BASE_PATH, "data/project/CommunityDevelopment.rdf")
-SPEAKERS_DOAP = os.path.join(BASE_PATH, "data/project/LocalSpeakers.rdf")
+COMDEV_DOAP = os.path.join(BASE_PATH, "../subprojects/CommunityDevelopment.rdf")
+SPEAKERS_DOAP = os.path.join(BASE_PATH, "../subprojects/LocalSpeakers.rdf")
 PEOPLE_FOAF_PATH = os.path.join(BASE_PATH, "data/people/")

Added: comdev/nearby_people/readme.txt
--- comdev/nearby_people/readme.txt (added)
+++ comdev/nearby_people/readme.txt Mon Dec 28 02:18:11 2009
@@ -0,0 +1,22 @@
+A web application to help with two proposed areas of effort - Local Mentors and Local Speakers.
+On one side, there's a web application that people can use to find either a local mentor

+(eg someone to go to the pub with who won't know about your project, but will know about

+apache in general + any local/language things to be aware of with involvement in apache),

+or someone local who's willing to talk about the ASF. 
+Behind the scenes, ASFers just need to pop the appropriate foaf:currentProject and foaf:based_near
+tags in their foaf files in [2]. They then need to provide a patch for
+subprojects/CommunityDevelopment.rdf and/or subprojects/LocalSpeakers.rdf see [3].
+If you're interested in having a play, it's a Django (python) web app. Just check it out
[1] and
+our subproject DOAP files [3] (these need to be checked out to the same directory, or you
+need to update You'll also need to check out the Apache Foaf files from
+either put [3] into data/people or edit PEOPLE_FOAF_PATH in accordingly.

+Copy to and tell it where the checkouts are.

+Finally, do ./ runserver and then http://localhost:8000/ will be it.
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