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From Miroslav Beranič <miroslav.bera...@mibesis.si>
Subject Apache Celix (Simple) HTTP Service
Date Wed, 02 Dec 2015 21:56:14 GMT
Hi All,

this is my first post/mail to Apache Celix and also my first Apache
Celix (and after a long time C) project.

I would like to use Apache Celix as base for my future projects. I am
big fan of OSGi (starting with Eclipse IDE) and Apache Felix and
Apache Karaf etc.
Well, to have it (OSGI) in C it makes it so much more fun! (well,
sometimes it is not that fun ...)

My day ful-time job is in Java-based system integration projects. Jump
into C is (most of the time) fun, but different; so take that into an
account when you evaluate C code plus this is really simple PoC
project - to learn Apache Celix, CMake, C, ... I am not doing correct
cleanup, that much I know.

What I've implemented is a simple HTTP Service, based on Whiteboard
pattern and whiteboard example located in the Apache Celix source code
tree. I used that example as a base: 1.) to learn the API of the
Apache Celix and 2.) it was already using Whiteboard pattern that I
wanted to use.

This implementation is split into multiple bundles.
- apache_celix_simple_http_server => Really simple HTTP server written
in C (pure socket open/listen)
- apache_celix_http_service => HTTP Service that binds to (first
found) HTTP Server implementation and creates service tracker for the
servlet bundles
- apache_celix_examples_servlet_a => Servlet bundle for /hello_world_a
and some more URIs + HTTP methods
- apache_celix_examples_servlet_b => Servlet bundle for /hello_world_b URI

Most of the code was first hit on Google search and modified to do
this one simple job. It is not rock solid and ideally crafted.

There can be any number of the Servlet bundles - started and stopped
at runtime. Regex URI are supported plus HTTP method filtering too
(GET/POST/DELETE, ...). Servlet bundle A makes use of the Regex URI
pattern and HTTP method servlet mapping filtering.
I am planning to add support for HTTP filters and interceptors (I am
"influenced" by Spring Framework project ... can't help it, I use it
daily). But than ... full HTTP "stack" has to be added with requests,
responses, sessions, security ...

To build this baby:
CMake is used (who would have guessed it). Create build folder. And
run (from the inside of build folder):
cmake -DCELIX_DIR=/path/to/celix -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Debug
-DJAR_COMMAND=/path/to/jdk1.8/bin/jar ../source/

make all
make deploy

cd ./deploy/http_whiteboard/run.sh
chmod u+x ./run.sh

(open new terminal)
[Handled by servlet/bundle A)
curl -X GET -i http://localhost:9090/static/resources/my-theme.css
curl -X GET -i http://localhost:9090/hello_world/a/
curl -X GET -i http://localhost:9090/hello_world_a

[Handled by servlet/bundle B]
curl -X GET -i http://localhost:9090/hello_world_b

> lb
> stop 7
> stop 6
Try the curl URLs... how they come and go : if not registered HTTP 404
error message is returned.
> ...
> start 6

And at the end press Ctrl+C to terminate. Trigger one more request, as
there is no timeout
implemented and it is waiting for the thread to terminate (running
flag to be false).

I know this is not usable in real world cases. But I like the idea. I
put this together in about ... 32hours of work, more ore less; keep in
mind: this was next task after compiling Apache Celix for the first
time ever and not really be a C expert; so to me - this is a proof
that Apache Celix has easy to learn API and it is easy to use it. I
did not use "deep and dark" corners of Apache Celix, but I like the
project. I looked/played with kubernetes project also and all worked
great - first time.

What I am wondering though is - is there any plan to add Web-related
support (I am talking about the HTTP Service known from the
Felix/OSGI) to Apache Celix or is this considered non-Celix related
(to make Celix only the "kernel") : to make it as different/sister
I am also not clear how the C++ is seen in the Apache Celix community,
is this no-go or go area? I will most probably be using Boost C++
(mostly ASIO) library in the future (with Apache Celix). So, C for the
"framework" layer and C++ for the "application" layer.

Well, I guess this is all. I will attach source to this email. As I
did not publish the sourcecode to GitHub. In the source I state
"Author/Copyright" Miroslav, Mibesis (my company) -- but this code is
open to anyone that thinks will benefit to him. I hope there is no
filter on the mail server to filter attachments out. Attachments
contains source only, no binaries). But I have full GIT repo in - so
it can be seen, how I worked whiteboard example to get to the current

BTW: Bjoern was of great support and motivation to grab Apache Celix
and start working with it. Thank you Bjoern big time.

Kind Regards,
Miroslav Beranič

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