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From Bjoern Petri <bjoern.pe...@sundevil.de>
Subject Re: report & releases
Date Thu, 14 May 2015 15:15:10 GMT

Hi Gerrit,

On 13.05.2015 21:51, Gerrit Binnenmars wrote:
> Hello all,
> Good to hear that a release is planned. Just some questions for the 
> release
> - Will the dependency manager be included in the release?
> - What about the config manager and the event admin?
> - Will remote service discovery with ETCD be included?

Though discovery etcd can still be improved in some points, it is 
working quite reliable. Considering that etcd itself is bleeding-edge 
software, I don't see a reason to not include it. Anyway, it might be a good
idea to document what is  currently supported by discovery_etcd.

> - How mature is Celix without APR, how well is it tested?
While APR has been removed from the majority of the bundles, the 
event_admin and the shell_bonjour still has a dependency to APR.

In general I have the impression that celix does hardly contain any 
memory leaks any more, while I still
see some few data races when using ThreadSanitizer. Those should be 
solved for the release.

> - Where can we help with the above points

Testing wherever possible is welcome :).


> Greetings Gerrit
>> Hi Konstantin,
>> 2015-05-07 19:48 GMT+02:00 Konstantin Boudnik <cos@apache.org>:
>>> I have suggested this before, I think, but just in case: it might make
>>> sense
>>> to consider the use of http://reporter.apache.org/ for the initial 
>>> draft
>>> of
>>> the report info...
>> I've somehow missed your other mail, thanks for the list, looks really
>> useful!
>>> +1 on adding the points from below.
>> +1 from me as well.
>> I'd like to mention a timeframe for it as well, both for the report, and
>> for our self.
>> I don't have any major issues atm for the new release, I'd like to 
>> have all
>> components free of APR.
>> @Pepijn: Could you fasttrack your other request for "cog" as well, so 
>> that
>> we can mention it as well?
>>    Cos
>>> On Thu, May 07, 2015 at 11:17AM, Pepijn Noltes wrote:
>>>> Hi All,
>>>> The board has requested an additional report from Celix, because the
>>>> previous one was to simplistic.
>>>> If you think there are any items we should mentioned for the upcoming,
>>>> please reply. For now I have the following items:
>>>> * Preparing for a new release (see below)
>>>> * Presentation @ Luminis devcon
>>>> Given that an additional report has een requested and that some of us
>>>> discussed a new release f2f I want to propose to start working for 
>>>> a new
>>>> release (2.0.0).
>>>> Primary goal IMO is to remove APR and because we already did this 
>>>> for the
>>>> most bundles I do not see any major issues preventing a new release.
>>>> Please reply with any issues you think should be addressed in up 
>>>> coming
>>>> release. If no major issues are mentioned I will create a release 
>>>> branch
>>> to
>>>> work on.
>>>> Greetings,
>>>> Pepijn

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