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From jerome moliere <jer...@javaxpert.com>
Subject Re: Minimal requirements
Date Fri, 23 May 2014 09:24:39 GMT
Hi Alexander,
thanks for your answer .... I will have a look to the latest commits.
I will give you more details soon regarding the help I can provide...

Kind regards
all mails from the list come with one or 2 days later ???

On Mon, May 19, 2014 at 7:30 AM, Alexander Broekhuis

> Hi Jerome,
> First off, thanks for your interest in Celix! See my other comments inline.
> 2014-05-17 18:41 GMT+02:00 jerome moliere <jerome@javaxpert.com>:
> > Hi all Celix gurus,
> > I would like to know if you know minimal requirements regarding CPU &
> > memory for a Celix platform? I am about starting a project deployed on a
> > tiny ARM device (Rasperry Pi are powerful devices compared to some of
> > chipsets I am looking at).
> >
> While I do know several people have been working on running Celix on ARM
> devices, I don't have any numbers. But conceptually Celix is a light
> framework, services are function pointers, so there would be no overhead
> calling a service once it is retrieved from the registry.
> Most questions/remarks I've seen concern cross compiling APR. APR itself is
> a quite large library, but not everything is needed by Celix.
> A couple of months ago a discussion was started regarding the usage of APR
> [1]. At this point my personal opinion is that we should remove it. This
> would benefit running on small embedded systems as well. But due to some
> time constraints I haven't been able to do anything yet.
> > I would like to know more about the update features in Celix ? I can't
> find
> > many documentation related to this subject , is it comparable to the OBR
> > standard features and what is the client API involved ? Hot deployment of
> > installed components is supported ?
> >
> The deployment admin of Celix used to be compatible with Apache Ace. As
> such the current client is a combination of the Deployment Admin spec and
> the Ace client. I think this is something that can be split fairly simple.
> But, yes, it is comparable to the OBR features, and all code can be found
> in the "deployment_admin" submodule.
> Is support hot deployment and versioning.
> What Celix currently does not support is code sharing, so interaction
> between modules is always through services. But I do have a local version
> in which code sharing, as well as private/exported/imported libraries is
> supported. Since I am working on Celix today, I hope I can commit it. See
> [2] for some more details.
> > Kind regards & thanks for your help
> > PS:
> > if Celix is close to my requirements I would be happy to contribute , I
> > will have some time & Celix would be firt class citizen inside my
> upcoming
> > information system , so contributing is natural...
> >
> You are welcome, I hope Celix can satisfy your needs, and if there is
> anything we can do to help out, please let us know! Any help, either
> patches, bugs or ideas are more then welcome!
> [1]: http://markmail.org/thread/wmyas74a3fhxorhu
> [2]: http://markmail.org/thread/kdk37vz4w46jmxoa
> --
> With kind regards,
> Alexander Broekhuis

J.MOLIERE - Mentor/J

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