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From Alexander Broekhuis <a.broekh...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: Minimal requirements
Date Mon, 19 May 2014 05:30:47 GMT
Hi Jerome,

First off, thanks for your interest in Celix! See my other comments inline.

2014-05-17 18:41 GMT+02:00 jerome moliere <jerome@javaxpert.com>:

> Hi all Celix gurus,
> I would like to know if you know minimal requirements regarding CPU &
> memory for a Celix platform? I am about starting a project deployed on a
> tiny ARM device (Rasperry Pi are powerful devices compared to some of
> chipsets I am looking at).

While I do know several people have been working on running Celix on ARM
devices, I don't have any numbers. But conceptually Celix is a light
framework, services are function pointers, so there would be no overhead
calling a service once it is retrieved from the registry.
Most questions/remarks I've seen concern cross compiling APR. APR itself is
a quite large library, but not everything is needed by Celix.
A couple of months ago a discussion was started regarding the usage of APR
[1]. At this point my personal opinion is that we should remove it. This
would benefit running on small embedded systems as well. But due to some
time constraints I haven't been able to do anything yet.

> I would like to know more about the update features in Celix ? I can't find
> many documentation related to this subject , is it comparable to the OBR
> standard features and what is the client API involved ? Hot deployment of
> installed components is supported ?

The deployment admin of Celix used to be compatible with Apache Ace. As
such the current client is a combination of the Deployment Admin spec and
the Ace client. I think this is something that can be split fairly simple.
But, yes, it is comparable to the OBR features, and all code can be found
in the "deployment_admin" submodule.
Is support hot deployment and versioning.

What Celix currently does not support is code sharing, so interaction
between modules is always through services. But I do have a local version
in which code sharing, as well as private/exported/imported libraries is
supported. Since I am working on Celix today, I hope I can commit it. See
[2] for some more details.

> Kind regards & thanks for your help
> PS:
> if Celix is close to my requirements I would be happy to contribute , I
> will have some time & Celix would be firt class citizen inside my upcoming
> information system , so contributing is natural...

You are welcome, I hope Celix can satisfy your needs, and if there is
anything we can do to help out, please let us know! Any help, either
patches, bugs or ideas are more then welcome!

[1]: http://markmail.org/thread/wmyas74a3fhxorhu
[2]: http://markmail.org/thread/kdk37vz4w46jmxoa

With kind regards,

Alexander Broekhuis

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