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From Erik Jansman <E...@jansman.eu>
Subject Re: Event admin patch
Date Mon, 31 Mar 2014 17:16:38 GMT
Hello Everyone,

I have been working on the changes for a while now. My current local 
version has the moved event owner ship and a change in how the channels 
are stored. I'm close to finishing that bug. Should I commit the changes 
I have so far or finish the Async first?


On 28-1-2014 19:49, Pepijn Noltes wrote:
> Hi Erik,
> On Sun, Jan 26, 2014 at 7:55 PM, <erik@jansman.eu> wrote:
>> Hello,
>> I'm sending an updated version of the event admin. I have renamed the
>> methods to follow the standards. I have moved the event admin into the
>> celix folder like the other subprojects.
>> Known issues:
>> 1: The async sending isn't implemented yet.
>> 2: At this moment the event publisher is owner of the memory for the
>> event. This is probably not the best solution for the async sending.
>> I would like to propose a change to the Event admin and move the event
>> implementation to the event admin. This would make the event admin owner
>> of the memory.
>> Would this be a good choice or is there another solution?
> I think this is a good choice. The event admin knows when all sync/async
> event handlers have been called and as result when the event can be
> deleted.
> IMO the event admin API should contain a create for the event and clearly
> states that is will also free this event when all event handlers have been
> called. The event admin should free the event and its properties, but it
> should clearly state that it cannot and will not free complex (e.g.
> strings, or pointers to structs) values of the event properties.
> For now that is IMO enough, but in eventually we probably also need a
> callback to that the owner of the complex values of the event properties
> can delete those.
> There is of course always another solution ;) Anybody any better/different
> ideas?
>> Regards,
>> Erik

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