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From e...@jansman.eu
Subject GSOC Event Admin
Date Tue, 01 Oct 2013 09:19:41 GMT
Hello All,

Google summer of code is over so I think it is time for me to report the
results of what I have made for Celix. As said before I have been working
on the Event Admin. Of the original goals set:

*The event admin service, the place for bundles to publish events
*The event handler service, Used to receive events
*An event publisher, A simple bundle which will publish one event
*An event consumer, A simple bundle which will respond to the published
*A tutorial to get the concept working  Documentation on what was build,
how it was build and what has to be built in the event admin

Most parts are done. The tutorial still has to be written as well as
implementing Async sending. I hope to finish those in the coming months.

What I have build is most of the event admin, an event handler, an event
publisher and events as an util. The event admin keeps track of event
handlers and the event publisher keep track of event admins. A publisher
can create an event and send it to the event admin which then checks which
handlers are interested and will sent it to the handlers.

Known issues with the code at this point:
* when an event is send and the publishers goes away before handling a
segfault will occur.
* Async sending isn't implemented.
* Topic matching for handlers isn't efficient.
* When the event admin leaves the event publisher will try to send events
and crash because the thread isn't updated.

I wanted to  attached the code from my git repo[1] but the mailing list
wont accept it because its to big. The code can be downloaded from [2], I
hope you are willing to test it and give me some feedback on what can/has
to be improved.


Erik Jansman

[1]: https://bitbucket.org/Ealanrian/gsoc-celix-eventadmin/overview

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