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From Björn Petri <bjoern.pe...@sundevil.de>
Subject Re: Remote service using shared mem
Date Sun, 15 Sep 2013 08:02:01 GMT


I just created JIRA issue CELIX-81, including a patch which adds several 
components allowing CELIX to use Shared Memory for remote services 
(discovery_shm, remote_service_admin_shm and example_proxy_shm). 
Besides, two new deployment targets are added, which can be used to 
locally test the shared memory implementation using the already existing 

Netstring support (see JIRA issue CELIX-80 for according patch) is 
required to get the this shm implementation working. Also note that 
shared memory segments or semaphores might be left in the system and 
needs to be removed manually (see ipcs, ipcrm) when CELIX does not 
shutdown as expected.


On 08/21/2013 09:09 PM, Alexander Broekhuis wrote:
> Hi,
>> Thanks for the suggestion, I think it is a useful option. I will propose
>> it.
> I agree, having a shared memory transport in the Amdatu Remote Services
> would be a nice addition. Feel free to open a request for it and start some
> discussion on the Amdatu list! ;).
> First I'd like to make the current transport and discovery working between
> Java and C, but different transports in both languages would be a good
> thing.

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