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From e...@jansman.eu
Subject Re: Remote Services embedded Mongoose
Date Thu, 26 Sep 2013 10:00:30 GMT

> Hi all,
> I am looking into the RSA again, and wanted to upgrade the embedded
> mongoose. But apparently some time ago they changed the license to GPL (it
> used to be MIT) [1], so that means the latest Mongoose is a no-go for us..
> So I basically see 2 (or 3) options:
> * Leave the code as is
>   I don't like this option, for me the current Mongoose code doesn't work.
> I haven't investigated this yet..
> * Search for an alternative
> * Fork the latest MIT based revision of mongoose
>   This is already done by [2], I haven't looked at it yet..

As far as I know Pepijn is working on the RSA to change it to work with
transport services. This would allow us to replace Mongoose with something
else to do the transport, so searching for an alternative on HTTP or
another form of transport would be the best choice I think.

> Does anyone else have an idea or thought on this topic? And what option is
> the best?
> [1]: https://groups.google.com/forum/#!topic/mongoose-users/aafbOnHonkI
> [2]: https://github.com/sunsetbrew/civetweb
> --
> Met vriendelijke groet,
> Alexander Broekhuis

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