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From Erik Jansman <E...@jansman.eu>
Subject event admin headers
Date Mon, 12 Aug 2013 09:11:53 GMT

I have attached the header files created for the event admin. I have 
left out the eventProperties and TopicPermissions at this point. The 
topicPermission is a security aspect which I wanted to leave out of the 
google summer of code project in order to be able to have more change to 
get the project done in time. I have left the eventProperties out of the 
implementation because I'm unsure of how it is supposed to work and if 
it is needed.

Event_admin, event_handler and event_constants are all as far as I can 
tell confirming to the specification. In event.h there is a method 
equals which according to the spec will do: "Compares this Event object 
to another object.
An event is considered to be equal to another event if the topic is 
equal and the properties are equal.
The properties are compared using the java.util.Map.equals() rules which 
includes identity compar-
ison for array values." I was thinking of first implementing by 
comparing two pointers and not check on all properties.

What does everyone think of the header files?

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