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From Sascha Zelzer <s.zel...@dkfz-heidelberg.de>
Subject Re: Celix - eCos - embedded devices
Date Thu, 08 Aug 2013 07:48:48 GMT

Regarding CMake, it should be possible to set-up a cross-compiler 
toolchain on a Linux host and build Celix on that host for eCos on an 
ARM9 (I didn't try it myself yet, though).




On 08/08/2013 09:33 AM, Deroo Stijn wrote:
> Hi,
> We are evaluating celix for using it in our embedded devices as a modular service oriented
> On our current embedded devices (ARM9 based) we are using the eCOS (http://ecos.sourceware.org/)
operating system, and we want to keep it like that.  How difficult will it be to run the celix
framework onto the ecos operating system?
> To cope with this, I think we have to get rid of the cmake tool, and try to compile celix
direcly into ecos using standard makefiles that comes with ecos itself.  Any ideas?
> Kind regards,
> Stijn.

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