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From Marcel Offermans <marcel.offerm...@luminis.nl>
Subject Re: celix example under windows
Date Mon, 04 Feb 2013 08:52:59 GMT
Hello Alexander,

On Feb 4, 2013, at 9:25 , Alexander Broekhuis <a.broekhuis@gmail.com> wrote:

> 2013/2/1 Marcel Offermans <marcel.offermans@luminis.nl>
>> Would it make sense to do a new release?
> I would like to say yes, but there are still some problems running on
> windows. I would like to do some more testing etc. Having a release
> specifically for windows which doesn't work isn't a good idea imho.
> I find it quite tricky, and am not sure what is the best way to go.. Not
> having a release which supports windows might scare off users, but having a
> release which compiles, but doesn't run could as well scare new users off.
> I do hope Lionel gets it working, and we can fix the problems he finds. If
> all seems to be pretty good, I am in favor of a new release.

Agreed, I was initially under impression that you already had the trunk working on Windows,
but I agree that it makes sense to hold off a release until we do.

So, as a "mini roadmap" we probably agree that it makes sense to work towards a next release
that "works on Windows".

> On a side note, there aren't many tests in Celix. This makes it difficult
> to check if all works on Windows. I am working on unit tests for the
> framework, but having integration tests might be even more important.

I agree, and maybe it also makes sense to try and setup some continuous build on Jenkins.
I have no clue if Jenkins supports C projects, or how other C/C++ projects at Apache approach
this, but that might be worth inquiring about.

Greetings, Marcel

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