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From "Lionel BELLER" <lionel.bel...@sogeti.com>
Subject RE: celix example under windows
Date Tue, 05 Feb 2013 13:36:56 GMT
Yes, I did use CMake to generate the visual studio environment.
I modified the working directory in CMake.
My apology, I forgot to set the working directory for the debug.
But I have still the error message "Failed to open revision file at:
which leads to the VS crash when calling the bundleContext_installBundle

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De : Alexander Broekhuis [mailto:a.broekhuis@gmail.com] 
Envoyé : mardi 5 février 2013 12:25
À : celix-dev@incubator.apache.org
Objet : Re: celix example under windows


2013/2/5 Lionel BELLER <lionel.beller@sogeti.com>

> Hi,
> Here is my setup:
> - windows vista
> - VS2005
> - CMake (
> - GCC (3.2.1)
> - GNU Make(3.81)
> - CUnit (2.1.2)
> - Doxygen (
> - ZLib (1.2.3)
> - libcurl (7.18)
> - libapr (1.4.6)

GCC and GNU Make aren't needed. You did use the Visual Studio generator in
CMake I assume?

Did you have a chance to check the working directory etc? I'll try to make
some changes to the CMake files so that the Visual Studio projects have a
proper setup.

I now have changed the project settings of the "deploy_hello-world"
project. Changed the working directory to ${build-root}\deploy\hello_world
and set the executable to celix.exe. I also set the PATH in the environment
For me I can now run from within VS and debug it.

Since VS stores these settings in a user file, I should be able to generate
a file with these settings.

> -----Message d'origine-----
> De : Alexander Broekhuis [mailto:a.broekhuis@gmail.com] Envoyé : mardi 
> 5 février 2013 11:09 À : celix-dev@incubator.apache.org Objet : Re: 
> celix example under windows
> Hi Lionel,
> I tried the current trunk on my windows installation, and it works.
> Shutting down the running framework runs into some problems, but 
> starting it is no problem.
> Can you give me some more details on your setup? Like windows version, 
> versions of the libraries, cmake version etc. Maybe there is some 
> difference in there resulting in this behaviour.
> 2013/2/4 Lionel BELLER <lionel.beller@sogeti.com>
> > Removing the .cache directory changes nothing. It will be recreated.
> >
> > I think I've found some problems which are at the origin of the bug.
> > In the main of launcher.c, the function properties_get ("autoStart = 
> > properties_get(config, "cosgi.auto.start.1");", line 70) does not 
> > recover the desired properties. Autostart stays at null. The program 
> > crashes then when the program calls the function strtok (l.89). The 
> > variable Config is not null, the file "config.properties" is 
> > available in the debug folder. So the problem comes from the 
> > function properties_get, but I can't step into the function during the
> >
> Strange, I don't have any problems like this at all..
> >
> > The "bundles" directory is in the debug directory, so the program 
> > should be able to open those files.
> >
> >
> Did you move the bundles folder yourself? Any chance you forgot the 
> config.properties file? This file has to be in the running directory. 
> I haven't setup debugging properly in my VS, and only run from the CMD 
> at this moment. So I don't know what VS uses as running directory.
> Seeing some of your problems it looks as if you have a .cache 
> directory with entries in the running directory, but not the 
> config.properties or even the bundles directory.
> Any way, the working directory has to look like this:
> - bundles/{bundles}.zip
> - config.properties
> After running the .cache directory is created by the framework, so 
> initially is isn't there and it can be removed without a problem. Any 
> required libraries should either be on the path or placed in the 
> running directory.
> But, as you mentioned, this is already working.
> Can you make sure the files are in the correct place?
> If this doesn't help, please let me know, I'd like to get this working 
> for you (and other windows users..).
> --
> Met vriendelijke groet,
> Alexander Broekhuis

Met vriendelijke groet,

Alexander Broekhuis

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