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From Pepijn Noltes <pepijnnol...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: Celix 0.0.1 release and Native-OSGI
Date Thu, 12 Jul 2012 14:29:41 GMT
Hi All,

I committed some changes to the build system, see the rest of comments
for more details.

On Wed, Jul 11, 2012 at 12:26 PM, Alexander Broekhuis
<a.broekhuis@gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi,
>> Updated the build system. Added a FindJansson and FindSlp module and
>> adjusted the bundles using those libraries.
> Looks good, though I'd like to suggest to use the find_package in the
> CMakeLists file when needed.

I agree and updated this.

> Also I noticed you use find_package, whereas previously I always used
> Include(FindXX). I think it is better to use find_package. So this is
> something that can be updated as well. (find_package provides more
> configuration options, whereas include doesn't have any at all).

I replaced all the include(FindXX) which i could find with find_package.

>> I noticed that "make install" install to unwanted files for bundles. I
>> will try to fix that the coming days.
> Feel free to take a look at it, but be very careful changing stuff involved
> in installing. It is used to create the bundles.
> CMake's installation/packaging system (CPack) supports Components, this is
> used to group the correct files for one bundle. For each component a
> CMake/CPack installation config file is created. Calling CPack with on of
> these configs creates the bundle. See the Packaging.cmake for the macros.
> But using Makefiles, these components can't easily be provided, so when
> running a make install all files marked for installation are installed.
> All framework files are installed in the component "framework", so if it is
> possible to call the normal install command with a component (or overwrite
> it) this problem is solved.
> This can be done when executing the config file yourself, see [1], for
> Celix this would be: "cmake -DCOMPONENT=framework -P cmake_install.cmake".
> The "make install-fw" does almost the same, but packages the files in a zip
> file, this can easily be changed to install the files in the file system.
> This is also a reason why I'd like to split the build into several
> projects. The framework/utils and launcher are normal plain old libraries,
> which could (should?) be installed like any other system library/executable.
> All bundles are more specific, and related to a certain deployment. So a
> "normal" installation makes less sense in that case. With several projects,
> the normal make install would work again.
> So as mentioned before, tread lightly when trying to do something about
> this... Though a solution would be really great!

I have created an alternative for making bundles which does not
depends on CPack.
IMO making bundles with CPack is messy, because it also results in
extra and often unwanted install rules and
I think that is preferable to have a make install command which works
as expected and not rely on user typing commands like:
"cmake -DCOMPONENT=framework -P cmake_install.cmake".

I placed the logic for creating bundles without CPack in cmake/Bundling.cmake.

You can activate the bundling logic by changing the
cmake/Include.cmake file so that it will include Bundling.cmake
instead of Packing.cmake. In
device_access/device_access/CMakeLists.txt there are some - commented
out - example commands for adding files and marking a bundle for

Any comment on this would be great.

> 2) IMO The Apache Celix binary, library and util library should be
>> renamed. The names are now bin/launcher, lib/libframework.so and
>> lib/libutils.so.  I think these names are to generic and will bring
>> confusing. Any thoughts ?
> Agreed. How about:
> launcher -> celix
> libframework -> libcelix_framework
> libutils -> libcelix_utils
> lib{anythingelsewecomeupwith -> libcelix_{anythingelsewecomeupwith}
> For the include files I'd like to use /prefix_to_include/celix/*.h instead
> of the header files directly in the include directory.

I agree and the build system now does this.


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