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From GitBox <>
Subject [GitHub] [ant] basil commented on pull request #149: Ant doesn't call the superclass constructor and pass in the specified parent classloader
Date Wed, 21 Jul 2021 16:20:47 GMT

basil commented on pull request #149:

   Thanks for the quick reply @jaikiran! The bug you linked to is very helpful. I am pleased
to report that the original script given by Kohsuke in [this comment](
still reproduces the problem in Jenkins core when the `super(parent)` calls are removed. So
I have a minimal reproducible example that can be used to validate different approaches.
   I now see that Kohsuke's approach was Solution 1 described in [Bug 35436](
by Rainer Noack:
   > Remove the local property and it's setter-method. Allow setting of the parent only
in the constructors. Use `ClassLoader`'s parent property. Advantages: IMHO, the cleanest solution.
Disadvantages: Many build brakes. Fazit: Not usable
   The latest comment by @bodewig states:
   > I don't think we would achieve much by setting `ClassLoader.parent` […]. In order
to close this issue I've simply added a `getConfiguredParent` method in svn revision 796649
   This was Solution 2 described in the original bug by Rainer Noack:
   > Provide a "special" getter like `getRealParent()` Advantages: works with existing
environments. Disadvantages: such a shame Fazit: No better way !?
   So Stefan decided to go in a different, but equally valid, direction from Kohsuke. `AntClassLoader`
has a mutable `parent` field, but its (no pun intended) parent `ClassLoader` class has an
immutable `parent` field that can only be set by the constructor. The `getParent()` method
is `final`, so `AntClassLoader` can't override it to return `AntClassLoader`'s mutable `parent`
field. So @bodewig added a new `getConfiguredParent()` method which returns `AntClassLoader`'s
mutable `parent` field. This makes sense, but the problem is that this change was incomplete.
Other code still calls `getParent()` in several places. In particular, consider the code Kohsuke
referred to in his analysis in JENKINS-22310:
   if (parent != null && (!parentHasBeenSearched || parent != getParent())) {
       // Delegate to the parent:
       base = parent.getResources(name);
       // Note: could cause overlaps in case
       // ClassLoader.this.parent has matches and
       // parentHasBeenSearched is true
   } else {
       // ClassLoader.this.parent is already delegated to for example from
       // ClassLoader.getResources, no need:
       base = Collections.emptyEnumeration();
   This calls `getParent()`, which will return the immutable `parent` field from the parent
`ClassLoader` class rather than `AntClassLoader`'s mutable `parent` field. This is clearly
a bug in `AntClassLoader`. This code should be using `getConfiguredParent()`. Sure enough,
with this change I can no longer reproduce the problem in Jenkins:
   @@ -961,7 +967,7 @@ public class AntClassLoader extends ClassLoader implements SubBuildListener,
            throws IOException {
            final Enumeration<URL> mine = new ResourceEnumeration(name);
            Enumeration<URL> base;
   -        if (parent != null && (!parentHasBeenSearched || parent != getParent()))
   +        if (parent != null && (!parentHasBeenSearched || parent != getConfiguredParent()))
                // Delegate to the parent:
                base = parent.getResources(name);
                // Note: could cause overlaps in case
   There's still another problematic use of `getParent()` in `getRootLoader()`. This doesn't
appear to be a problem for Jenkins, but it is also technically incorrect. `getRootLoader()`
recursively walks the `ClassLoader` hierarchy via `getParent()` until it reaches the root
node. But if any of those `ClassLoader`s happen to be an `AntClassLoader` with a broken `getParent()`
method, that won't work. The solution is to treat `AntClassLoader` specially:
   @@ -841,12 +839,20 @@ public class AntClassLoader extends ClassLoader implements SubBuildListener,
        private ClassLoader getRootLoader() {
            ClassLoader ret = getClass().getClassLoader();
   -        while (ret != null && ret.getParent() != null) {
   -            ret = ret.getParent();
   +        while (ret != null && getParent(ret) != null) {
   +            ret = getParent(ret);
            return ret;
   +    private static ClassLoader getParent(ClassLoader cl) {
   +        if (cl instanceof AntClassLoader) {
   +            return ((AntClassLoader) cl).getConfiguredParent();
   +        } else {
   +            return cl.getParent();
   +        }
   +    }
   I tested this change with Jenkins, and Jenkins seems to work fine with it (although it
was never broken in the first place).
   In my opinion, @bodewig's change in 2009 that introduced `getConfiguredParent()` should
have updated both of these callers.
   It's not to late to do it now in 2021.

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