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From Jaikiran Pai <>
Subject Upcoming Java 17 release will have an impact on our javadoc task
Date Thu, 17 Jun 2021 03:02:06 GMT
The recently released EA version of JDK 17 has introduced a change in 
the javadoc tool. Previously (JDK 8 all the way through JDK 16) used to 
log certain messages from the javadoc tool to STDOUT. Our javadoc task's 
implementation expects such messages of STDOUT. Starting this JDK EA 
release the behaviour has changed in the javadoc tool and it now logs 
those messages to STDERR. This change was discussed in the OpenJDK 
mailing list[1] and it has been noted that this is an intentional change 
in the tool.

Specifically for the javadoc task in Ant project, it has a 
"failOnWarning" attribute which fails the task on any "warning" message 
(actually just the presence of that word) being seen on STDOUT. With 
this change in JDK, this implementation in our task will no longer work 
starting JDK 17 (but will still continue to work in previous JDK 
releases). I haven't yet had a chance to fully review our javadoc task 
code to see what would be a good way to fix this in a way that would try 
and avoid Java runtime version checks in the code.

So right now I don't have specific proposals for fixing this but just a 
note that we will have to look into this one for the upcoming JDK 17 



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