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From Stefan Bodewig <>
Subject GraalVM JavaScript Again
Date Mon, 10 Aug 2020 15:52:19 GMT

right now master sets polyglot.js.allowAllAccess to true when it detects
the script engine is a GraalVM engine. This is necessary if the script
wants to use any of the Ant objects.

Jaikiran suggests to enable full Nashorn compatibility mode, which I
tend to agree with. Unfortunately you cannot do that via the
ScriptEngine API, only via a system property or by creating the
GraalJSScriptEngine directly - see

I see the following options:

(1) leave things as they are right now and tell people to set system
    properties before starting Ant if they need more.

(2) Set the "Nashorn compatibility mode" via the system property based
    on another magic property - and enable it by default

(3) add graaljs as an alternative javax as script engine and add new
    magic properties to control it.

(4) find all the places that might create script engines (script and
    scriptdef tasks as well as the script filter, at least) and add
    explicit options.

Personally I'd prefer one of the first two options and would like option
3 the least.


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