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From Jaikiran Pai <>
Subject Next plans for Ivy
Date Wed, 30 Oct 2019 14:53:38 GMT
Now that Ivy 2.5.0 has been released, I would like to propose the
following ideas for the next goals for the project:

1. I would like to wait and watch for any bug reports for 2.5.0 and do
some relatively frequent bug fix releases for that version. So
essentially 2.5.x versions which are solely bug fixes. To accommodate
that, I would like to create a 2.5 branch in the Ivy project. Ivy 2.5.x
will continue to have minimum Java 7 as a requirement. Once we are
confident that the 2.5.x series is stable enough, we can stop releases
off that branch.

2. In the master branch, I would like to move Ivy to minimum Java 8
version (right now we are on minimum Java 7). I would like to mention
that, just because we move to Java 8, the goal isn't large/medium scale
refactoring of existing code. This is especially important given the
nature of the project - the code base is complex plus we don't have
enough knowledge of it. It literally took me months to be able to read
the code and understand what I'm dealing with to be able to confidently
do a change that could fix some of the recent bugs (especially
IVY-1580). So even though we will move to Java 8, any refactoring, just
for the sake of it, of existing code will be discouraged. Of course, if
new code is being added, Java 8 constructs/API are welcome. Also if a
bug fix requires Java 8 construct/API that's welcome too. We will do
2.6.x releases (whenever we decide to do so) off master branch.

Any objections to these plans?


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