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From Jaikiran Pai <>
Subject Re: Planning to initiate a Ivy release
Date Sun, 08 Sep 2019 12:39:13 GMT

On 08/09/19 12:41 PM, Gintautas Grigelionis wrote:
> Many thanks, Jaikiran. Please consider updating JSch to 0.1.55 (fixes bugs
> with EC crypto)


>  and Commons VFS to 2.4.1 (upgrades HTTP Client to 4.5+).

We can't move to 2.4.x of Commons VFS since that requires Java 8 and Ivy
has a minimum requirement of Java 7.

> May I suggest considering preemptive authentication (aka IVY-1280) 

Like I noted in the JIRA comment[1] and even acknowledged by another
user in the PR[2], it's not yet in a state where we can confidently
introduce that enhancement. It will need a bit of research as well as
some testing to see how it behaves in the cases noted in that JIRA.
Given that it's an enhancement, I don't want it to block this release.
Having said that, I do have that JIRA (and few others) in mind, which I
plan to come back to after the release, in a subsequent version. So this
and other ideas aren't abandoned.

> and Ivy
> reports without img links to Ivy website (aka IVY-922)?

I had seen a PR for this one here[3]. Going by what the JIRA
states, I would have expected any change related to it, to be relatively straightforward.
I'm not an expert on image processing, but looking at that PR, I don't understand why it isn't
as straightforward as pointing to local image resources. The PR has a big change (even to
Java code) which seems to generate the SVG images on the fly, from some auto-generated code
from some library. Plus there are some changes to css files too, which I'm not fully clear
about. For this specific JIRA if the PR was just about using local (png) resources for the
images then it would have been easier to review and merge it. Having said that, I don't have
an objection on it being merged if someone else with a bit more experience with SVG, it's
generation and usage feels this change looks good. I see Jan has already reviewed it. So if
the current conflict being reported in that PR can be resolved and if Jan or others feel this
is fine, I'll merge it in this release. Again, I don't consider this one a blocker too, so
if the review and discussion takes time, we can always have it included in a next release.





> Gintas
> On Sun, 8 Sep 2019 at 05:54, Jaikiran Pai <> wrote:
>> So I finally found the time that was needed to read and understand a
>> part of the Ivy codebase, in order to fix the major
>> issue. I have pushed a
>> commit which contains the fix as well as a testcase to reproduce and
>> verify the issue. Existing tests pass too.
>> Given that this issue has been causing problems to users who have been
>> using 2.5.0-rc1, I would like to go ahead and propose a new release in
>> the coming days for Ivy. I plan to name it 2.5.0.
>> This will be my first release for the Ivy project so I might take some
>> extra time to get it done.
>> Any objections to the release plan? If not, I will initiate the
>> formalities in the coming days.
>> -Jaikiran
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