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From Craig Pell <>
Subject Re: jmod and jlink support
Date Fri, 30 Nov 2018 18:25:13 GMT
>> Has there been discussion or a bug filed regarding adding tasks to
>> support jmod and jlink?  Now that there is no longer a separate JRE
>> and the new method of distributing standalone Java applications
>> requires jlink, this seems increasingly important.
> There is a deprecated jlink task for an ancient tool which may cause a
> bit of confusion.

My task is simply named <link>.  And I’ve added a short note at the 
start of <jlink>’s documentation, referring readers to <link>.

>> I wasn’t sure whether the code is required to be Java 8 compatible.
> If it is not, then the release manager will need to build Ant with
> something more recent than Java 8. As long as this still allows to set
> the javac -target to 8, this is probably fine.
> Ant has included tasks that have been conditional on recent JDKs for a
> long time. I.e. we've had tasks that required Java 5 to compile even
> back when the base line was Java 1.3.
> You can take a look at the build file for 1.8.4 to see how we handled it
> back then:
> is the starting point to see how/where we dealt with those classes.

I added a "needs.jdk9+" selector (and added use of it to the 
conditional-patterns aggregate selector).  But ignores it 
and attempts to build all files in the ‘taskdefs’ package, so I never 
get a chance to see the selector in action.

Should I modify and bootstrap.bat to exclude the newer 
tasks if using a Java version less than 9?

Or am I misunderstanding the goal?  Are you suggesting that future 
versions of Ant should just be built with Java 9 (or later)?  If so, 
that would suggest that the "needs.jdk9+" selector is not needed, right?

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