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From Jaikiran Pai <>
Subject [CANCELLED]Re: [VOTE] Release 2.3.0-rc1 of Apache IvyDE
Date Thu, 28 Jun 2018 06:45:17 GMT
This vote is now officially cancelledfor the reasons noted below.


On 28/06/18 12:11 PM, Jaikiran Pai wrote:
> On 27/06/18 10:12 PM, Nicolas Lalevée wrote:
>> Since there is a work around (hitting refresh after resolve) and it 
>> is an RC, we could ship it like that and fix it later. But due to the 
>> automatic update via the update site, I bet most users will update 
>> even if it is an RC. So I am not sure what I should vote. So I vote 
>> -0 for me for now.
> I was reserving my vote just for this reason. I don't use Eclipse so I 
> wanted to see if someone more familiar with it has an opinion about 
> this bug. You are right that it's going to end up affecting everyone 
> once we release this. Given that the purpose of this release is revive 
> this project a bit and not break setups where things are working fine 
> and the fact that this will end up being an annoying kind of 
> workaround (having to hit refresh after resolve), I don't see rushing 
> this release without fixing this issue serves any purpose.
> So I'll vote a -1 on this now. I know we have gone through 3 voting 
> rounds for this release, so thank you everyone for being patient and 
> testing out the binaries. I'll file this issue in JIRA and hopefully 
> spend some time in Eclipse this weekend to try and sort this out.
> -Jaikiran

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