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From Stefan Bodewig <>
Subject Re: Ant support for users who use JUnit5
Date Sat, 27 Jan 2018 17:30:04 GMT
On 2018-01-27, Jaikiran Pai wrote:

> Here's an update on where this effort now stands. As of yesterday, I
> have the basic minimal functionality that I had planned for this (new)
> task ready. There are other enhancements that this task will need as
> we go along but at this point, this should be usable.

I'm not really familiar enough with junit5 and in particualr not with
its internals to perform a review of your code. I can try to spot simple
mistakes but won't be able to see whether you are using junit5's API

> While working on this new task, I kept thinking whether it would make
> more sense to just have this task as a separate project under the Ant
> umbrella and have its own release/versioning cycle. Plus maybe a bit
> of ease in building/testing it given that it won't need some of the
> conditional logic that we do in Ant build itself when it comes to such
> tasks.

This is what I would have expected to happen :-)

Apart from what you mention, it may also make it easier for people who
want to contribute without having to get a full built of Ant itself

> It did look like a good idea to separate it out but ultimately I
> decided _not_ to do it mainly for the reason that I think it makes
> more sense to have a task in Ant which allows users to write tests
> (using a modern test framework) and test them, right out of the box of
> an Ant installation.


> ...


> ...

> - Ability to "fork" these tests in a separate JVM. I haven't fully
> thought about this and might need some inputs on whether we need this
> or not.

We probably do unless the junit5 runner can do that for us. You may want
to use different JVM settings or just be able to allow tests to crash
without crashing the build.

> - Make the current "junitreport" task be usable with the XML results
> of this "junitlauncher" task. I haven't yet got to this but this
> should be doable I think, of course once the XML formatter itself is
> ready and functional.

If you create the same kind of XML things will just work.

Many thanks for the time you put in, this is great


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