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From Jan Matèrne (jhm) <>
Subject Ivy-2.5.0
Date Mon, 08 Jan 2018 14:48:44 GMT
I took my old TODO list for Ivy-2.5.0.

Most of them are still open, how to deal with that?

In my opinion we should try to get a release out and postpone these to a
2.5.1 (means reducing stopper->later).

We have lots of changes we could deliver in this way. We also show a sign of
life in that way.








  Incorrect revision of dependencies put in to delivered Ivy files


    11.09.2017: Jaikiran wanted to focus on that

  prio: stopper ("but it was IVY-1485 which reanimated the community")


- SVG-graphics


    08.01.2018: unknown

  prio: should be included, as it seems to be nearly finished (for me)



  use Unicode glyphs or SVG data URLs instead of bitmaps


    11.09.2017: review required

    08.01.2018: not sure what to do or what impact this have

  prio: should be included (as part of the "svg-bulk")



  fix the last inconsistencies in generics


    11.09.2017: This includes a change which breaks BC

    08.01.2018: no consense on the API change

  prio: solve that or delay (this PR should not delay the new version in my



  use the vectorised logo


    11.09.2017: nearly finished (missing header)

    08.01.2018: no changes (license header missing)

  prio: include that as is nearly finished



  defaultconfmapping on <configurations/> element is not written to
delivered ivy file


    11.09.2017: "I need about a week"

    08.01.2018: done (27.09.2017)

  prio: should be included


- upgrading BouncyCastle

  Status: done


- IVY-1420/IVY-1437, defaultconf/defaultconfmapping/confmappingoverride

  "according to ivy.xsd, all three attributes can be used on both
dependencies and configurations. 

  So, it's the documentation that must be adjusted accordingly"


    11.09.2017: open

    08.01.2018: done

  prio: maybe delay (and open a Jira ticket)



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