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From Jaikiran Pai <>
Subject Re: Ivy - we have now moved to asciidoc for docs
Date Tue, 20 Jun 2017 02:16:46 GMT
> On 20-Jun-2017, at 3:38 AM, Nicolas Lalevée <> wrote:
>> Le 19 juin 2017 à 04:52, Jaikiran Pai <> a écrit
>> The documentation for ant-ivy project has now been migrated to asciidoc. The migration
used a tool developed by Nicolas to migrate the xooki backed HTML docs to asciidoc. This tool
auto-generated the asciidoc text and for most part no other changes were needed. However,
there are some fixes the generated asciidoc will need which I’m doing and will continue
to do in the coming days to fix any issues with the generated doc. Once the fixes are done,
soon, we’ll remove the xooki backed documentation completely from our git repo. For now
though, any new documentation or changes should go into the asciidoc files.
> I did a general grep about finding non translated html markup, and I have cleaned the
ones I have found.
> I have pushed the result here: <>
> Probably we can start pushing it to the site, since there is section dedicated to the
trunk version of the doc (which should be probably renamed master).
> <>
> It would be an opportunity to get an idea of what would it mean when a release will happen.

I actually forgot to send a mail yesterday, but I setup our nightly Ivy job on Jenkins to
publish the latest generated docs as build artifact so that it gives everyone a chance to
view/review it. It’s here
We could just push it to the site under master but I wasn’t too sure if it’s the right
time to do that or if we should just cleanup the rest of the issues in the doc before starting
to push it there.

> And just an idea: since there are a lot of pages, maybe we could organize a review at
many, without useless double checks. I see 4 big parts in the doc: the ant tasks, the pages
related to the ivy file, the pages related to the ivysettings, and the other pages. If 4 volunteers
can do a quick review of each page, I think we can be pretty confident that we didn’t leave
any ugliness somewhere. The goal wouldn’t to do a fine grain review, but ensure that everything
is readable. wdyt ?

Sounds a good idea. I’ll start off with the “Settings” which relates to the Ivy settings


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