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From J Pai <>
Subject IVY-1475 - cachefileset task and its inherent limitation
Date Fri, 02 Jun 2017 03:29:09 GMT
One of the Ivy users has pointed out to an issue in cachefileset task[1] of Ivy here

To summarize, the cachefileset task is expected to create a Ant Fileset of the resolved artifacts
in the cache(s). Ant Fileset requires a (single) basedir to work on and the Ivy cachefileset
has a piece of logic which tries to determine a common base directory for the resolved artifacts.
It’s very much possible that there won’t be a common base directory for artifacts if the
caches have been configured to be on multiple different filesystem roots, as noted in that
JIRA. So essentially, to me, it looks like this cachefileset has an inherent deficiency which
can’t really be fixed.

The user in that JIRA notes that we can deprecate this task (and also add a note about this
limitation) in favour of “resources” task [2] which provides a similar functionality but
is much more flexible and doesn’t suffer this limitation.

Any thoughts on how we should go about this JIRA and the cachefileset task?


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