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From J Pai <>
Subject Re: Ivy - BasicURLHandler ignoring timeout during connection?
Date Sun, 21 May 2017 05:00:11 GMT
Having been involved in a HttpClient 3 to 4 migration in an unrelated project, I think at this
point, it’s too big a change to consider. A few stable Ivy releases down the line, maybe
we can re-evaluate this and consider the HttpClient libraries and their state at that time.

On 20-May-2017, at 6:33 PM, Gintautas Grigelionis <> wrote:

Looks like HttpClientHandler was added as an alternative to handle proxies
with authentication by wrapping HttpClient from Commons.

There is a maintenance problem because HttpClient has a major API change
between version 3 (that Ivy uses currently) and 4. Perhaps it makes sense
to look at AsyncHttpClient/Netty or should we wait for HttpClient version 5
(which is progressing through alpha releases currently)? Either way, we'll
be moving towards Java 8.

Meanwhile, it makes sense to improve BasicURLHandler and add such
capabilities as JRE permits.


2017-05-20 11:46 GMT+02:00 Nicolas Lalevée <>:

> I don’t know the history of that code, it probably is older that its
> incubation into Apache.
> But from what I can read, I think that timeout was introduced but just
> supported by one implementation of URLHandler: the HttpClient one,
> HttpClientHandler.
> Proper support in the BasicURLHandler will probably be welcomed.
> Note though that a quick search in the call hierarchy shows that is is not
> used anywhere other than in IBiblioHelper.
> So a proper support for timeout will probably require to propagate a
> timeout value up to the ivy settings, while declaring resolvers. And as you
> pointed, better semantic would need to be defined. Probably two kind of
> timeout should be defined.
> Nicolas
>> Le 19 mai 2017 à 16:10, J Pai <> a écrit :
>> I was looking at some timing issues in test cases and noticed that the
> BasicURLHandler.getURLInfo with a timeout[1] seems to be ignoring that
> timeout completely. Am I missing something or is it just a oversight/bug?
> Furthermore, the javadoc of URLHandler.getURLInfo doesn’t tell much about
> what the timeout is about. I’m guessing it’s a connect timeout? Is the
> intention to use to same for (socket) read timeout too?
>> It’s another matter that the test case that I was looking into doesn’t
> pass a timeout.
>> [1]
> apache/ivy/util/url/
>> [2]
> apache/ivy/util/url/
>> -Jaikiran
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