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From J Pai <>
Subject Re: Ivy website - fixing a Quickstart documentation live
Date Fri, 26 May 2017 05:09:24 GMT
Thanks everyone for the inputs.

I’m trying to get a proper build going locally for the site generation (and running into
issues). Once I get a proper build and the fixes to the issues noted in that JIRA, I’ll
send out an update. Hopefully soon.

On 25-May-2017, at 5:26 PM, Nicolas Lalevée <> wrote:

The entire Ant site is in svn:

There is a Readme.txt explaining a little bit stuff, but seems outdated since the migration
to git. For Ivy and IvyDE, part of the site is built from the source for the projects. It
used to be managed via svn:externals. Now there are ant tasks to run to the fetch of the sources.
I have found an old discussion [1] we had about it which should help you.

By the way, the Ivy documentation is managed by an hand crafted html editor, xooki, just is
good but quite slow. I did some work some time ago (2 years ago, time flies!) to try to migrate
to asciidoc [2]. I can even see that locally I have a commit which for some reason I didn’t
pushed. If we are still interested, I can revive this.


[2] <>

> Le 25 mai 2017 à 06:12, J Pai <> a écrit :
> What would be the process of having the live docs of Ivy project updated to fix/update
an issue in the documentation[1]? 
> The quickstart documentation refers to certain log files that get auto-generated during
the doc build process. It looks like those log files weren’t uploaded and are resulting
in a blank text area showing up. I can run the doc generation target locally (on 2.4.0 tag)
and have someone upload those files and see if shows up fine.
> [1]
> -Jaikiran
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