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From Stefan Bodewig <>
Subject Re: Ivy+IvyDE: help wanted
Date Tue, 16 May 2017 12:31:37 GMT
On 2017-05-16, J Pai wrote:

> On the ICLA front -  I already have contributed and continue to
> contribute to some other Apache projects (these days mostly via
> github). Do I still have to sign the ICLA?

Whether a CLA is strictly required or not isn't always clear. Strictly
speaking the terms of the Apache License may be enough to cover
patches. Some projects prefer to go the extra mile. Often you try to
judge it by the size of the contribution.

In either case, an ICLA is required before anybody can become a

> Is there a way to check if I have already signed this ICLA previously?
> I don’t remember if I was asked to do that for the other Apache
> projects. lists all people who have
submitted a CLA but are not committers.

> - As I have noted in the past, in some mails[1] to the dev list, I am willing to help
out in whatever way I can to move the project forward. As noted in some of those mails, I
in no way have the complete understanding of the current codebase, but am willing to invest
time as I go along to help fixing issues and adding enhancements wherever I can. One of the
recent things I had attempted was to triage some issues in the Ivy JIRA and see if we can
come to a decision on pushing out a new release with at least a few of them fixed. That discussion
did get some community discussion but couldn’t achieve much given that there wasn’t any
actionable involvement from those who could really do a release. In short, I would like to
give this another try and see how it goes.

This is very much appreciated, many thanks for doing that.

> - From a development point of view, given that there aren’t many who are familiar with
the codebase, it would really help build some kind of confidence level in submitted patches,
if the github repo was backed by the usual PR processing mechanism that’s associated with
many other Apache projects out there. What I mean is, submission of each PR triggering the
builds, testcases through a build automation tool (like Jenkins) and reporting back with any
issues with existing test cases.

Are you aware of an Apache project performing PR builds on Jenkin? It
would probably help to look into the way they've set this up.

> - Finally, IMO, given how long this project has gone without any development or a release,
I think it would be good to really aim for a release in the next few months. It doesn’t
have to contain too many fixes or enhancements, but something to get the release train going
and making contributors feel it’s worth their time.

And to figure out whether the release instructions work. Agreed.


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