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From J Pai <>
Subject Re: Ivy website - fixing a Quickstart documentation live
Date Fri, 26 May 2017 07:06:01 GMT
So I got this site generation working locally (had to fix a xooki script to make it work with
Nashorn. The attached patch includes the fix). 

At this point, I need help to commit the newly generated doc fixes to the SVN. I’ve attached
a patch file for it and will explain what it is doing.

The changes/patch relates to _one_ of the more important issues noted in the JIRA
That JIRA lists more than one issue with the latest docs. However, the missing .png and .css
don’t directly contribute to anything noticeable, so I haven’t included it in this patch
(and probably will look into it separately). The issue that this patch fixes is the more important

> Code examples are missing. About 2/3 of the way down the page are two code examples that
are rendering as just a black rectangle for me. The underlying html looks like it has <pre>
tags with no content.

The way these tutorial docs are generated, during the build, it triggers the build of quickstart
examples and dumps the logs into files. The log files are then referred to via xooki references
and the contents of those log files are inlined within the div tags. So I went ahead and built
these tutorials on 2.4.0 tag of Ivy project, generated those logs and then regenerated the
site with these logs in the relevant folder. The generated documentation now has these output
inlined correctly in the quickstart and various other docs.

The attached patch was generated with as the root
of the SVN checkout. So whoever is applying the patch will have to cd to that directory and
then apply it. Let me know if you run into issues or if any changes are necessary in this

As for the other two issues noted in that JIRA, I’m planning to remove references to the
non-existent .css and .png files and submit that as a separate patch.


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