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From J Pai <>
Subject Re: PR-33: problems
Date Mon, 29 May 2017 08:25:31 GMT
IMO, for each of these public classes/methods/fields that we are fixing for typos, we should
mark them @Deprecated (and add a @deprecated javadoc too and point to the new field/method/class)
and introduce the rightly named class/method/field. For methods it’s straightforward, the
deprecated method internally calls the new method. For fields too it’s straightforward.
The deprecated field uses the value of the new field. For classes, I think we can copy over
the existing class into the new one and leave around the existing one just for possible external
references (that we can’t control off) and migrate all internal references to the new one.

At some point, in some future version of Ivy, we remove/delete these deprecated method/field/class.


On 29-May-2017, at 1:43 PM, Jan Matèrne <> wrote:

I did a review of  <>

Here are the points I have problems with, so I want to discuss them here.

Basically it's about breaking BC. So how to deal with that?


Fixing the spell error in DelegateHandler$ChildElementHandler
(s/childHanlded/childHandled/) means breaking beakward compatiblity. 

We could introduce a delegetate for that:

 /** for BC */


 public void childHanlded(DH child) throws SAXParseException {

   childHandled(DH child);


While refactoring you have renamed all occurences in the Ivy codebase. 

On the other hand I don't know the impact (maybe outside of Ivy). I'll bring
that to the dev-list.

src/java/org/apache/ivy/osgi/repo/ renaming the
public constant DEFAULT_BUNLDE_FILTER also means breaking BC.

src/java/org/apache/ivy/osgi/util/ the constructor removes the
(IMO unneccessary) ParseException. But because it is a checked Exception we
break BC.

renaming EncrytedProperties to EncryptedProperties means breaking BC. If
required we could introduce a delegating class or a subclass.

ArtifactOrigin: renaming unkwnown() to unknown() means breaking BC. If
required we could introduce a delegating method.

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