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From Jan Matèrne (jhm) <>
Subject AW: Ivy+IvyDE: help wanted
Date Tue, 16 May 2017 12:39:47 GMT
> On the ICLA front -  I already have contributed and continue to
> contribute to some other Apache projects (these days mostly via
> github). Do I still have to sign the ICLA? 

The ICLA is for the ASF - so you don't have to sign a new one if you already have submitted

> Is there a way to check if I
> have already signed this ICLA previously? I don’t remember if I was
> asked to do that for the other Apache projects.

I have checked a file, but haven't found your name (Jaikiran) nor your email adress.
So I think best would be sending a new one.

> As for patches, I had submitted one a while back and need someone to
> review it

I'll try to have a look.

> - As I have noted in the past, in some mails[1] to the dev list, I am
> willing to help out in whatever way I can to move the project forward.
> As noted in some of those mails, I in no way have the complete
> understanding of the current codebase, but am willing to invest time as
> I go along to help fixing issues and adding enhancements wherever I
> can. 

That's a good starting point. ;)

> One of the recent things I had attempted was to triage some issues
> in the Ivy JIRA and see if we can come to a decision on pushing out a
> new release with at least a few of them fixed. That discussion did get
> some community discussion but couldn’t achieve much given that there
> wasn’t any actionable involvement from those who could really do a
> release. In short, I would like to give this another try and see how it
> goes.

Maybe it would be a good start to cut a release with the current code base.
That would show possible problems with the release process and it's a prerequisite for later

> - From a development point of view, given that there aren’t many who
> are familiar with the codebase, it would really help build some kind of
> confidence level in submitted patches, if the github repo was backed by
> the usual PR processing mechanism that’s associated with many other
> Apache projects out there. What I mean is, submission of each PR
> triggering the builds, testcases through a build automation tool (like
> Jenkins) and reporting back with any issues with existing test cases.

I don't know any automatisation of this kind. Someone else? 
Something where we could copy that?


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