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From Jaikiran Pai <>
Subject Re: Ivy - any future or is it also going to be retired?
Date Mon, 05 Dec 2016 11:08:01 GMT

On Monday 05 December 2016 04:17 PM, Johan Corveleyn wrote:
> An innocent bystander's opinion (I'm not an ivy / ant developer, but
> I'm active in the Apache Subversion community): First of all, this is
> a volunteer-driven open source project.
I completely understand.

>   You're entirely free to use it
> or to use something else ... no hard feelings. Second, I'm guessing
> the ivy (and ant) project would very much welcome extra hands. So if
> this project is important to you, and you want a release to happen ...
> why don't you join the effort and help drive it. IMHO, if serious
> projects need it, they should also put in serious time, and start
> scratching some of their own itches (and, you know, become a
> substantial part of the active community you're asking for here).
Like I said in my mails, I've tried. Anyway, here's some previous mails 
where I tried [1] [2] [3].

> If right now the problem is "there is noone able to create / manage
> new releases" (but some people are still around to watch over the code
> and fix bugs), maybe someone can step up specifically for the job of
> release manager ...
It's not just that - it's one thing assigning some release manager and 
another to have someone/team who knows the in and outs of the project 
and has a vision for that project and makes relevant design decisions. 
Me? I can provide patches and fixes and enhancements for whatever little 
knowledge I gain by looking at existing code, but my experience with Ivy 
is just limited to the past few years when I started using it as a user.

Overall, I think my concern is not about why there's no activity in Ivy 
project but the fact that it's being advertised as a project which has a 
future, but as someone who's using/trying to use it, there's really 
nothing to look forward to in terms of roadmap or releases or development.



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