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From Jaikiran Pai <>
Subject Re: AW: Ivy - any future or is it also going to be retired?
Date Wed, 07 Dec 2016 17:17:12 GMT
Thank you. Given that there does seem to be willingness to do something 
to move things forward with the project, I have now submitted a PR for 
one of the open JIRAs in an 
attempt to fix it.

Over the weekend, I'll see if I can come up with a list of JIRAs which 
might be worth to be included in the proposed release (whenever next it 
happens). Of course, someone who has more knowledge about the project 
can do this and I'll happily step aside from that task.


On Wednesday 07 December 2016 08:41 PM, Jan Matèrne (jhm) wrote:
>> One thing that I think is probably is a priority (based on what I have
>> been trying to attempt while helping out with Ivy patches) is that we
>> have a central system which builds this project and runs the testsuite
>> regularly against a *nix and Windows system. Is this already available
>> in the project/Ant ecosystem somewhere? Something like a Jenkins? If
>> not, is there any other option we have to make sure we really release
>> something that is reproducible?
> Apache hosts a Jenkins instance with several slaves we could use.
> We already have some Ivy jobs:
> Build Ivy on Ubuntu
> JDK 1.6, Ubuntu
> git: Recursively update submodules
> runs: @hourly
> run: Ant (latest)
> Target: clean jar sources
> archive: build/artifact/**
> Checks of the Ivy codebase: Findbugs, RAT - Release Auditing Tool, Checkstyle
> JDK 1.6, Ubuntu
> git: clean before checkout
> run: seems to be just run manually
> run-1: Ant (latest): findbugs checkstyle-internal
> run-2: Ant (latest): rat
> check for TODOs
> seems to be a "test-job" of mine ...
> git: clean before checkout, Recursively update submodules
> matrix: (atm only JDK1.5)
> run tests
> triggerd by stable "Ivy" job
> git: clean before checkout, Recursively update submodulesrun: Ant(latest): clean test-report
> Jan
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