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From Jan Matèrne (jhm) <>
Subject archiving EasyAnt
Date Tue, 13 Dec 2016 08:37:24 GMT
The vote about archiving EasyAnt passed [1].
So according to [2] the todo list is:

Retire: Version Control 
Most of our source code is in git, only "site" and "sandbox" use subversion.

--> only git for sources. Homepage in svn.

We place a marker RETIRED_PROJECT file on the top level. 
--> done (will commit that after deleting the build jobs)

Add a note at the top of a README file as well so it is immediately visible
to people browsing the github mirror. 
--> done, dito

Include a link to this page for a possible future reactivation and a link to
the vote result. 
--> done

Ask infra to make the repository read-only. 
--> open

Retire: Issue Tracker 
If the subproject/component has its own issue tracker we have to close that.
It is enough to make it read-only, so these information are longer
--> open; use Jira EASYANT

Retire: Mailing List 
If the subproject/component has its own mailing list we have to close this.
We should send a final email. 
--> no mailing list; used dev|

Retire: Announcement 
We have to announce the retirement of the subproject at dev@ant,
announce@apache and the Ant main page. 
--> open

Retire: Build Jobs 
All build jobs on Jenkins@Apache, TeamCity and Gump have to be deleted. 
- Jenkins: deleted "EasyAnt" (standard build job), updated
- TeamCity: no build jobs there
- Gump: it seems, that there is no buildjob for EA
  @Stefan: as our Gump master ;) please check

Retire: Homepage 
Add the retirement to the archive-page. 
--> done

Retire: Releases 
The last released artifacts, if any, should be removed from the Apache
distribution server. To do so, remove any artifact related to the retired
subproject in (it is managed
with subversion). 
--> open

Retire: Free Further Resources 
Maybe a subproject locks further resources (update-site, ...). So we have to
unblock them. 
--> open: I am not aware of any resources. Someone else?


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