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From Stefan Bodewig <>
Subject Re: DISCUSS How to retire a subproject/component
Date Wed, 23 Nov 2016 05:16:09 GMT
On 2016-11-21, Jan Matèrne wrote:

> When retiring a subproject/component, what should and have we to do?

> I collect some topics:

> - version control

>   Most of our source code is in git, only "site" and "sandbox" use
> subversion.

>   I propose to simply place a marker file on the top level.

>   Copying/Moving to another location as Tomcat does on subversion

>   (svn.a.o/repos/asf/tomcat/archive) doesn't make sense to me as with
>   git we always have a complete repository.

>   The marker file (e.g. "RETIRED_PROJECT") could contain the result of
>   the vote, or further information like who to contact in case of
>   reactivation.

I'd probably add it at the top of a README file as well so it is
immediately visible to people browsing the github mirror.

>   We should ask infra to make the central repository read-only.


> - issue tracker

>   If the subproject/component has its own issue tracker we have to
>  close that.

>   Is it enough to make it read-only, so these information are longer
>   available

>   or do we have to delete it?

I'd prefer to make it read-only so we keep history if anybody was to
pick the subproject up again.

> - mailing list

>   If the subproject/component we have to close this. We could send a final
>   email.


Furtunately there aren't that many subprojects with mailing lists of
their own :-)

> - announcement

>   I think we should announce the retirement of the subproject.


> - build jobs

>   All build jobs on Jenkins@Apache or TeamCity have to be deleted.

Add Gump to that list.

> - homepage

>   We could create an "attic/archive" page and list all retired subprojects.

>   Here we could also place information about the

>   * the retirement "process"

>   * where to find the old resources (vcs, mail archive, issue tracker)

>   * who to ask current questions

>   * how to reactivate


We probably need to define "how to reactivate" first.

> - release further resources

>   Maybe a subproject locks further resources (update-site, ...). So we have
>   to release them?

Not sure what lock and release means in this context, I've never
understood the concept of update sites.


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