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From Stefan Bodewig <>
Subject Re: Multi-Release JARs
Date Sun, 18 Sep 2016 10:21:02 GMT
On 2016-09-17, Jan Matèrne (jhm) wrote:

>> * Multi-Release JARs need a special manifest attribute, we should add an
>>   attribute to the jar task that sets this.

> I dont think so. We could set this flag by ourself if the
> <new-kind-of-zipfileset> is set.

Agreed. People who want to manually put together the jar would have to
set the attribute themselves, then.

> We discussed also the possibility of merging different jars.
> Say you have a Java8 jar, a Java9 jar and a Java10 jar, you could merge
> these into a multirelease jar.

> Because of the different classfile versions, the common files of these jars
> arent identical, so we cant find them easily. So the easy, but not smart,
> solution ends in having the common files in every version branch of the jar.

<jar ....>
  <zipfileset src="java8.jar"/>
  <new-kind-of-zipfileset src="java9.jar" version="9"/>

could work that way. Likely would need to perform some fiddling WRT
manifest attributes.

> Another idea I had (for few minutes) is combining the jar'ing with the
> compiling.
>   <mrjar ...>
>      <default targetdir=""><src-resource-collection></default>
>      <version version="9" targetdir=""><src-resource-collection> point to
> Java9 only </version>
>      <version version="10" targetdir=""><src-resource-collection> point to
> Java10 only </version>
> <mrjar> would do three compile runs now
> * default: Java8
> * version=9: Java9, with classes from previous runs on classpath (havent
> thought about the identical names yet ... ;)
> * version=10: Java10, ...
> Finally create the MRJar.

I guess configuration of the task will be quite longish but I can see
how this would streamline hte process.


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