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From Nicolas Lalevée <>
Subject Re: Roadmap, goals, future of Ivy?
Date Sun, 30 Aug 2015 17:05:56 GMT
Le 23 août 2015 à 20:10, Stephen Haberman <> a écrit :
> Hi Jaikiran,
> FWIW I've made similar complaints about inactivity on Ivy, and suggested
> awhile ago that Ivy needs a new group of committers/contributors who are
> willing/able to put the time into the project.
> But nothing has happened.
> Which I found somewhat ironic, because I watched Apache Spark go through
> the incubation process, and Spark already had an extremely healthy open
> source community. And yet they were still occasionally lectured about "the
> Apache Way" of nurturing a healthy community/project.
> Which is fine, totally understood the Apache people were just trying to
> help Spark's long-term success; but then when I look at projects like Ivy,
> which is extremely widely used (embedded in Gradle, sbt, pants, used
> standalone via Ant, etc.), but the developer community is basically dead,
> well, it makes me wonder where the "Apache Way" zealots are and what went
> wrong.

Even if it fails, I still think the Apache way is the best way.
The goal is to have a project with active people maintaining it. In order to have people involved
in the long run, as careers and interests change, a project need a process to make people
able to come and go. And there should be an cohesion of that active group, so you should not
let everybody come in.
But at some point, when the active people has already disappeared before fresh blood comes
in, there is an issue. There was simply not enough people interested in developping. It make
me thinks of the project OpenSSL, which kind of heavily used but not much maintained. That’s
the kind of issue we have here.

But we’ll resolve the issue also the Apache way, just like you did with your email and this
thread. We’re discussing it. :)

I think the best course here is for some committers to take time to review patches, and hopefully
very soon to get the contributors to get committers.

So I reviewed some suggested patch. I have committed two. Some others are more difficult,
not due to the patch but to Ivy’s code. I’ll came back to it later, if somebody else doesn’t,
like for IVY-1430.

If you have some issues which are important to you than others, you’ll welcome to point
them so we get them checked in sooner.


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