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From Nicolas Lalevée <>
Subject xooki to asciidoc, a proof of concept
Date Mon, 29 Dec 2014 22:21:36 GMT

I like xooki because it manages well the templating of the web pages, and it manage well how
to build a toc. I hate when documentation is not « browsable », like in a wiki, and xooki
handle it well.

But is is quite slow, generating Ivy’s documentation can takes minutes.
And on macos jrunscript is considered as a graphical app, so it get the focus. Launching it
repeatedly makes the Mac unusable because every few second there is a new jrunscript app getting
the focus.
And the only web browser in which you can do inline editing is Firefox. It is a good web browser
but unfortunately it is not my default one.

Manually rewriting the entire doc in another template engine is out the question. And I don’t
want to lose the automatic build of the toc.

So, as a defi, I wondered if I could make xooki.js generate something in a template language
rather than .html, and still generate that toc.

I don’t know much any template language, even Markdown. On paper, asciidoc looks better
to me, and some Linus recommends it, so let’s try it so I can have a little experience with

A few hours of hacking later, doing dirty code in js, using Asciidoctor, coming down to write
some Ruby (oh my!), I have something working. Hence my last commit in a dedicated branch in
Ivy: xooki2asciidoc

You can test it. To generate the asciidoc files:
ant -f build-doc.xml generate-asciidoc
To generate the html files from the asciidoc files (in few seconds!):
ant -f build-doc.xml generate-doc
And open build/doc/index.html to see the result

This is a proof of concept, the conversion of the html tags barely works, but the toc is functional.

So what do you think ? Would you consider changing of template language ? If so would it be
asciidoc ?

Is there any objection ? I spent some time on it for fun (and passing time because of some
quite late trains), I won’t mind if this is thrown away; but I would like to know if there
are some so I won’t continue it.


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