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From Jan Matèrne (jhm) <>
Subject Jenkins for AntLibs
Date Wed, 04 Jun 2014 12:38:17 GMT
The Jenkins job for the first AntLib is running.

If they arent any objections I will clone that for the other AntLibs.



* jdk: <default>

* nodes: ubuntu (= no windows due git problems)

* scm=git

* triggered: after antlib-common (means, if the build-infrastructure
changes, build the antlib too)

* triggered: scm-change, check @hourly

* build commands

  ** ant -f prepare.xml bootstrap (= update/clone antlib-common into
./common; simulate svn:external)

  ** ant -f prepare.xml prepare (= get all required infrastructure; here
only antunit.jar)

  ** ant clean distribution (incl. javadocs)

  ** ant -lib <antunit> -lib build/lib test (require these two -lib
statements for classloader issues)

  ** ant create-readable-documents -Ddest.dir=build/docs (so we could
publish them; 

         they are deleted during 'distribution', so regenerate them)  

* build timeout: absolute 10min (I think antlibs are small ;)  )

* post build actions

  ** search for compiler warnings: javac, javadoc

  ** search for todos: **/*.java,**/*.xml; TODO,FIXME

  ** archive artifacts: 

     - build/lib/*.jar: can access the built antlib directly via <get>

     - distribution/  : access a ci-build

     - build/docs/    : generated whatsnew,committers,readme (from the xml

  ** publish javadoc

  ** email-notification: notifications@ant.a.o; only instable builds


Tested Clover, but got an error: 


Could not find any valid decoders in [,

] for license string <>               

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