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From Stefan Bodewig <>
Subject former svn:externals: subtree merge or submodule
Date Thu, 29 May 2014 09:45:02 GMT

all Antlibs used an svn:external checking out the commons Antlib (which
not really is an Antlib but a common build setup).  Without the commons
dir the Antlibs are currently unbuildable.

AFAIU we have two options to replace the svn:externals, submodules[1] or
subtrees[2].  I've never used either so haven't got any first hand
experience.  Anybody else?  I'll also reach out to some co-workers for
their experience.

It looks as if using submodules would require some extra work from
everybody checking out the code tree (which includes the CI servers)
while it should be automatic for subtrees.  Also we should never make
changes to commons from within an Antlib but rather make them in commons
directly, so the last point in the submodule/subtree comparison of [2]
wouldn't apply to us.  This makes me lean towards subtrees right now,
but this is in no way a strong opinion.

It also seems neither approach will automatically pull in changes from
the "externals" when you just pull the main project [which may be less
of an issue with subtrees as you check in the latest code anyway after
an local subtree pull].



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