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From Nicolas Lalevée <>
Subject Re: IvyDE's workspace resolver taking directory structure into account
Date Wed, 22 Jan 2014 00:06:28 GMT

Le 15 janv. 2014 à 15:37, Andrew January <> a écrit :

> Has there been any previous discussion around optionally taking directory
> structure into account in IvyDE's workspace resolver?
> Our project structure is set up as:
>    project-1/
>        project-1
>        util-1
>    project-2/
>        project-2
>        util-2
> Where util-1 and util-2 are checked out from the same scm location, and so
> publish the same revision of the same module.
> Currently we can use the workspace resolver and close util-2 when working
> on project-1, and vice-versa.
> The problem is this can be error prone, and people tend to forget, end up
> referencing the wrong project and get confused.

If util-1 and util-2 come from the same scm location, why do you need to switch ? util-1 and
util-2 should have the same content, right ?

> We have been contemplating modifying IvyDE to walk through all projects in
> the workspace, and pick the one whose location URI is the closest match.
> We only have a maximum of a dozen projects in a workspace, so it seems like
> this wouldn't be a huge performance issue.
> Has this been tried or discussed before? What were the drawbacks?
> If we were to go ahead and do this, would a patch be considered?

I would need to understand your use case before going forward. Maybe there is a simpler solution.
I would prefer keep thing as simple as possible.

As soon as we agree on a solution for your use case, any patch will be welcomed. :)


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