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From Nicolas Lalevée <>
Subject Re: Proposal: Make Xooki spoof TiddlyWiki to use TiddlyFox plugin?
Date Wed, 22 Jan 2014 00:54:50 GMT

Le 20 janv. 2014 à 17:23, Charles Duffy <> a écrit :

> Howdy, all --
> The release process for Ivy includes using Xooki to edit the documentation
> before publication.
> Unfortunately, the code Xooki uses for saving updated files, borrowed from
> an early TiddlyWiki release, is no longer supported on modern FireFox or
> Chrome -- and while HTML5 has its own filesystem API, that refers to a
> sandbox cut off from the "real" visible filesystem, so HTML5 apps can't
> edit files on the filesystem directly.
> Older versions of TiddlyWiki use a Java plugin for filesystem access;
> however, this isn't actively maintained, and when testing code that uses it
> for saving from Xooki, I get a notice that future security changes are
> going to cause breakage.
> The way modern versions of TiddlyWiki are able to edit filesystem contents
> consists of using the TiddlyFox plugin. The mechanism used by this plugin
> to detect when it's being used to edit a TiddlyWiki document is
> straightforward to duplicate -- basically, one need only identify oneself
> as a TiddlyWiki in a tag in the header, and the user will be prompted to
> allow write access should the plugin be correctly installed.
> Any yeas/nays/alternative approaches? In preparing the Ivy 2.4.0-rc1
> branch, I ended up editing HTML by hand -- but if we're going to be doing
> that on an ongoing basis, we should update the process documentation to no
> longer point at tools which aren't still supported.

Indeed I no longer edit documentation within the browser, I edit them with my preferred text
editor. The documentation is indeed not up to date. But it is still using the wiki syntax,
we don't actually write all HTML tags by hand. And the html preview of the source file is
still working.

I don't mind changing a little bit of tools for the doc and the site. For the little test
I did, TiddlyFox didn't work on my Mac. So it seems that using TiddlyFox won't help for me.
But it won't make things worst either. So no objection.


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