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From Riccardo Foschia <>
Subject Re: IvyDE Workspace resolver and "Read OSGi metadata" setting
Date Mon, 28 Oct 2013 18:31:19 GMT
I filed a bug report, see

Am 22.10.2013 18:02, schrieb Nicolas Lalevée:
> Le 22 oct. 2013 à 17:04, Riccardo Foschia <> a écrit
>> Hi IvyDE developers,
>> I installed the current trunk version of IvyDE (got it from the update
>> site for trunk builds. Plugin name is
>> org.apache.ivyde.feature_2.2.0.beta2-201309081502-hudson-268) and I'm
>> trying to use the workspace resolver to develop an Eclipse RCP application.
>> Because I don't know, if the following phenomenon is a feature or a bug
>> (the docs don' t tell much about it) I thought to send the problem to
>> dev list:
>> I'm developing two plugins A and B in the same workspace. B depends on
>> A. I use an IvyDE classpath container instead of the PDE one for both
>> plugin projects. A has two packages: api (which is exported, i.e. listed
>> in the plugin's manifest in section "Export-Package") and impl (which is
>> not exported, i.e. not listed in the plugin's manifest).
>> Now it is possible to access classes of package impl of plugin A from
>> the project of plugin B without getting error markers in Eclipse. After
>> setting the checkbox "Read OSGi metadata" on the global preferences of
>> IvyDE I expected that this will cause IvyDE to setup the OSGi visibility
>> constraints but the code in B that accesses the "hidden" classes from A
>> is still not marked with an error. If I remove the IvyDE classpath
>> containers from the plugin projects and use the PDE classpath container
>> the error markers appear.
>> My question is: Is this behaviour of the IvyDE classpath container a bug
>> or is it a feature that the checkbox "Read OSGi metadata" should not
>> work with project dependencies, i.e. the workspace resolver?
>> IMHO it would be a great feature if "Read OSGi metadata" and the
>> workspace resolver would work together so that the workspace resolver
>> automatically sets up the OSGi visibility constraints for "upstream"
>> projects in the workspace.
>> If it's a bug please someone tell me if I should file a bug report and
>> if I should provide some example code.
> As I read your use case, it's seems like a bug, indeed. A bug report is welcomed.
> Nicolas
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