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From Nicolas Lalevée <>
Subject Re: Ivy contribution process / timeline
Date Fri, 27 Sep 2013 09:45:44 GMT

Le 27 sept. 2013 à 04:20, Stephen Haberman <> a écrit :

> Hi Charles,
> I am not an ant/Ivy/IvyDE committer, but I flagged your email to come
> back to, as I also have outstanding patches against Ivy and would like
> to see the contribution process be more timely.
>> I'd rather not let things fall through the cracks and still be on a
>> locally-patched Ivy years from now (a state in which I've inherited
>> far too many tools).
> Agreed. We've been running a forked Ivy for a year+.
> So, Ivy committers, I know everyone is pressed for time. What can do we
> to help here? Volunteer to do code reviews of patches? Run tests
> against patches?

The main issue here is that the committer community around Ivy and IvyDE is not indeed healthy.
The way to fix this is to try to bring more people involved and make them become committers,
so there is "always" people with some free time and passion to fix and improve the code from
the users requests.

We've tried few times but it didn't worked well. That's maybe why we are less responsive to
patch submissions. But I think we should try to continue.

I remember having a look at the issues which has submitted patches. Most of the time the issue
was not trivial and required a good understanding of Ivy internal code, which I too many time
have not. If there are unit tests included into the patch, this would be a huge help.

And if we find your patches are good and you've been around for some time, you'll be a good
candidate to help us maintain Ivy by becoming a committer.


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