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From Stephen Haberman <>
Subject Re: Ivy contribution process / timeline
Date Sun, 29 Sep 2013 04:45:23 GMT

> I remember having a look at the issues which has submitted patches.
> Most of the time the issue was not trivial and required a good
> understanding of Ivy internal code, which I too many time have not.
> If there are unit tests included into the patch, this would be a huge
> help.

Yeah, I understand what you're saying.

> And if we find your patches are good and you've been around for some
> time, you'll be a good candidate to help us maintain Ivy by becoming
> a committer.

I'm not really shooting for committership, because I understand the commitment
that entails, but I'd be willing to shepard some patches along. E.g. vouch that
the issue is real, the patch makes sense, AFAICT anyway, and then push it along
for approval/submission by a real committer.

Just talking out loud, maybe we could nominate 1 issue every 1-2 weeks
or so that a) has patches attached and b) seems high priority (or easy)
enough to get in.

Does this seem like an okay plan? Maybe we can try it for an issue or
two and see how it goes.

Just wondering, does anyone want to nominate an issue we should start
with? Hopefully something easy, e.g. definitely not Charles's file
locking change. :-)

- Stephen

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