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From Greg Amerson <>
Subject IvyDE adopter use-cases
Date Tue, 02 Jul 2013 10:16:24 GMT
Hello IvyDE developers,

My name is Greg Amerson and I am the project lead for Liferay IDE, which is
a set of Eclipse plugins for Liferay development.  In an upcoming version
of Liferay Portal, we have integrated the use of Ivy dependency management
for plugin projects, e.g. liferay plugins (fancy j2ee web projects) that
are built using JSF portlets now use Ivy to manage jsf dependencies.

Therefore in Liferay IDE when our users create Liferay plugin projects, we
want users to be able to take advantage of the good support in IvyDE for
dependency management, namely the Ivy classpath container.  So for new
Liferay projects that are created by our "New Liferay Project wizard" in
our plugins, I want to go ahead and automatically configure that project to
have all the IvyDE goodness, (nature, container, pre-resolve the container,
deployment assembly configuration).  In order to test things out I forked
the latest trunk on git hub and imported it into my Eclipse SDK dev
environment.  I then went and built a POC for integration of Liferay plugin
projects enhanced with IvyDE settings.  During this process I noticed that
for our use-cases it seems it will require a few change to IvyDE to support
what we want to do:

   1. MANIFEST.MF on the eclipse plugin bundle to export all packages (so
   they can be called from 3rd-party plugins like ours)
   2. Improved support in class to support relative paths
   that use the "../" parent path.

You can see that I have forked the IvyDE repo over on my github account and
made a few commits:

Several of those commits are just my hacks in order to build the POC in my
dev environment, e.g. setting up a tycho build instead of ant-based build.
The only two interesting commits are the following:

Modified the Manifest to export all *eclipse* packages

Modified ResolvedPath to add support for "../.." style paths:

I'd like to discuss with IvyDE maintainers on how I can get these two
changes merged into trunk.  I can create JIRA tickets and submit proper
pull requests, or however, you would prefer me to try to contribute.

Hope to hear from you all soon and thanks again for the great IvyDE!

Greg Amerson
Liferay Developer Tools
Liferay, Inc.

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