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From Nicolas Lalevée <>
Subject API of IvyDE
Date Mon, 29 Jul 2013 17:56:55 GMT
As discussed recently with Greg, IvyDE needs a proper API so that other plugin can rely on.
In house we do a such "external" plugin to IvyDE: EasyAnt4e, the eclipse plugin for the integration
of EasyAnt into Eclipse. I think it is a good use case and I tried to make a proper API usable
by EasyAnt4e. I think I have been able to make something nice. See my last commit r1508149.
And hopefully nothing too internal is exposed.

There is a corner case though, and I don't know what to do. The IvyConsole (from IvyDE) is
extended by EasyAntConsoleImpl (from EasyAnt4e). I am not a big fan of exposing the IvyConsole.
It is too tied to the way IvyDE and Ivy itself print the logs. I have not tested, but I guess
that in the current state, depending of which console starts first, logs will go in one but
not in the other. It might be very confusing for the end user. And preferences regarding the
colors and the log level are also being shared. Probably another mess.
Did I missed something ? Couldn't the EasyAntConsole implements its own log stream handling

Note: it is a common practice to have "internal" in the name of the packages which are not
exposed. I haven't renamed every package, since it will move a lot of resources. So you should
rely on the MANIFEST.MF to see what is actually exposed. But as soon as we are happy with
the state of the code, we could rename them.


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